Monday, November 26, 2012


A day full of family and food. Delicious and so fun.

Surprise party at the Sandbar!

My siblings surprised me with a visit to my favorite bar to celebrate my 30th birthday early! It was an awesome time!  I love that all the fruity drinks come with hilarious props, like sunglasses or beaded necklaces.  Yummy drink plus free toys.  Score.  If you're ever in Lawrence, KS you have to make a special trip to The Sandbar.  It is hands down the coolest bar I've ever been to.
The hubster looking cool in his new shades
All 3 brothers having a blast
The Sandbar's claim to fame--the Shark Attack.  The drink looks like a nice blue ocean until you pour the red grenadine into the "water" from the shark's mouth.
The hubster and me.  Fun.
See how many cool toys you get?  That's just smart shopping.
They do this thing called a "Hurricane" where birthday girls get to dress up as mermaids and recite a poem on the bar.  Highlight of my night.
My awesome sister and brother.
My beautiful sister!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First Etsy Sale!

Etsy is an amazing site.  Seeing all the cool things people are making is inspiring.  That being said, it's such a great site that everyone wants to be on it (including me).  I didn't think I would get a sale since there's so many necklaces to comb through, but on Saturday I squealed for joy when I saw I got my first sale.  It was even from a stranger.  In California.  People in California are cool, so this made me feel extra special.  It may not lead to record sales, but at least I overcame this one hurdle.  It felt so amazing to know that someone liked my product enough to buy it and knew nothing about me.  It was a good day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Daily dose of history

We love Planet Sub.  A lot.  Around lunch time on most Saturdays and Sundays you could find us at one of two Planet Subs.  On the days we're feeling like a more scenic drive and want a really delicious sandwich (it's the old oven they use that gives it a distinct smoked flavor), we go down to the one by the Plaza.  Last Saturday we were making our trek to the Plaza location and saw that one of the old homes off of Ward Parkway was having an estate sale.  I can't guess how many times we've driven by this home and others like it and imagined how grand it was inside and how amazing it would be to live there.  So we had to check it out.  This house is on the list of historic places in Kansas City.  It was built during the Civil War.  I guess that's why it was pretty outdated on the inside.  There was 1800s charm mixed with some 1980s elements.  Really cool to see, but didn't make me feel like I was missing out on anything.  I like our house.