Monday, November 26, 2012

Surprise party at the Sandbar!

My siblings surprised me with a visit to my favorite bar to celebrate my 30th birthday early! It was an awesome time!  I love that all the fruity drinks come with hilarious props, like sunglasses or beaded necklaces.  Yummy drink plus free toys.  Score.  If you're ever in Lawrence, KS you have to make a special trip to The Sandbar.  It is hands down the coolest bar I've ever been to.
The hubster looking cool in his new shades
All 3 brothers having a blast
The Sandbar's claim to fame--the Shark Attack.  The drink looks like a nice blue ocean until you pour the red grenadine into the "water" from the shark's mouth.
The hubster and me.  Fun.
See how many cool toys you get?  That's just smart shopping.
They do this thing called a "Hurricane" where birthday girls get to dress up as mermaids and recite a poem on the bar.  Highlight of my night.
My awesome sister and brother.
My beautiful sister!

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