Projects Even I Can Do

I call my easy DIY projects PEICD (Projects Even I Can Do).

Projects Even I Can Do (PEICD)--a project or craft that is easy enough for someone with my limited crafting abilities to complete in an hour or two. 

You may recognize that this blog section would commonly be referred to as DIY.  I find, though, that a lot of those really cool projects I see on Pinterest are not things I can do by myself.  Either I need my husband to saw something or my version looks no where near the finished product that is online.  Anyone else ever encounter this, or am I in an untalented pool all by myself?  I can make some cute things, but they're usually something that I've developed a skill set for over the years or are so easy even I can't screw up.  So I bring you a series of projects that are so simple even I can do them.  Thus, PEICD was born.  It's not the catchiest title, but it's growing on me.  Let me know if you have any other super easy crafts that I could include here!

PEICD--Valentine's Day Wreath

PEICD--Ferris Wheel

PEICD--You shine like a sunflower

PEICD--Ribbon Holder

PEICD--Hanging Orb

PEICD--Earring Holder

PEICD--Easy Embroidery

PEICD--Streamer Poles

PEICD--Surprise Balloons

PEICD--Patriotic Inspired Bunting

PEICD--Fire Free Sparklers

PEICD--Photo Tree

PEICD--Chalkboard Box Labels

PEICD--Pot O' Gold Candy Dish

PEICD--Valentine Popper

PEICD--Festive Paper Chain

PEICD--Painted Bead Necklace

PEICD--How to Make a Glitzy Party Hat

PEICD--Jewelry Board

PEICD--You Are My Sunshine Optical Illusion Message

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