Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Progress is like the ebb and flow of the water lapping upon the shore.  It struggles to reach the edge of its limits, and then is pulled back a ways.  It is the constant pull to climb that next step, with each step getting slightly higher.  It is the proverbial one step forward, two steps back. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about the bar of success.  It's interesting, because as I meet things I set out to do, the bar just keeps getting higher and higher in my mind.  Always slightly out of my reach. 

I posted my thoughts on success a while ago, and I still think those words ring true.  I'd add, though, that sometimes you can feel like you're not moving forward, but staying stagnant or maybe even going the opposite way you're intending. 

I have to believe that this is all part of the process of progressing--the constant movement.  Backwards and then forwards, right and then left.  Sometimes you just have to start trying to get anything to stick. 

I think it's a matter of trying and also adjusting my way of thinking.  Progress may very well mean maintaining things for me right now.  Maintaining my shop, maintaining my blog, and just trying new things.  And anyways, I wouldn't want to live in a world where I made it to the edge and didn't have far off horizons to stare off into.  Where's the fun in that?


  1. It's so true, in certain seasons it doesn't really feel like we're moving forward at all, but that's because we can't see the full picture from our perspective.

  2. you're so right, this post just spoke to me and the pictures make me miss the rivers, streams & lakes back home. It looks so peaceful where you are! Just go along with the flow, it's so much better than constantly being focused on the next big thing .. we can't ever get to the horizon so we shouldn't fixate tooo much on it, and rather enjoy floating around and seeing everything on our journey.

  3. This post is so true. We are always striving for something. Life would be kind of boring without things to aspire too! Beautiful pictures, too!

  4. A lovely thought provoking post. Sometimes when it's hard to move forward all we can do is stay where we are for a while until our energy changes. Which it always will. I am learning not to beat myself up too much during the periods when I'm not accomplishing much or moving forward. I'm trying to accept that that is just the way things are sometimes. And I feel better for not getting over-anxious about lack of progress. The time will come when I'm feeling inspired again. I do hope that you are not stressed because you don't feel you're making big leaps forward. In a while you will be, I am sure. Enjoy your week Kari, and look after yourself. CJ xx

  5. There are lots of other movements in life other than forward and not all other movements are bad. Many lead to forward movement at some point. Love this post. Exactly what I needed this week. Love ya!

  6. I think we all have times where we're not moving forward the way we'd like, but I think you're right - there are times when, instead of moving forward, we are moving in other directions, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.


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