Monday, July 28, 2014


I used to be a t-shirt and shorts kind of girl.  While I still love me a comfy t-shirt, I've been on the hunt recently for tops with a bit more of a flair to them.  Those little details that take an outfit from ho-hum to BAM!  You know what I mean.

This peplum top had all those fun details: scalloped edge, small opening in the back, and a fun black and white pattern.  It's been the only thing I've actually bought from Anthropologie for about a year since it was on sale and an extra 20% off.  Finally, something under $20 and in my size.  The stars had to align for that one.

Speaking of details, is there anyone else that seems to become consumed with minor details? 

Usually, I run with the belief that people rarely notice the small imperfections in your projects or nail polish, but with outfits I tend to focus on the little add-ons and pieces that make me feel like I've constructed an outfit that is pulling together different elements to make it my own. 

I wore this outfit to a beautiful garden party my friend threw and someone commented on my outfit and said that they admire how I put together interesting color combinations that they wouldn't normally think of. 

I really appreciated this compliment.  I like to think I do some things outside the box.  Like I'm a bit of a rebel, although I'm pretty sure mixing green, bright pink, and black/white doesn't constitute a crazy rebellious streak.

Top: Anthropologie (on sale/sold out)  //  Necklace: Charming Charlie (exact)  //  Shorts: JCrew (old)  //  Sandals: Old Navy (old)
In other thoughts, how did this weekend fly by so quickly and how is it August 1st this Friday?  Where has the summer gone?  I feel like I still have so many summertime activities to cross off my list.  I better start moving on them.  Anyone in KC planning on checking out First Fridays?


  1. I love this top, what a steal! You look beautiful Kari :)

  2. I can't stop fixating on the fact that this week will bring in AUGUST..what?! You look gorgeous :) If I check out First Fridays, I'll definitely let you know!!

  3. This summer is flying by!! I wish we could freeze time and stay in July for a few more weeks!! The color combination is great! I love the bright pink and green combo -- well done girl,you look beautiful!

  4. Cute outfit and necklace.

    I'm visiting from MM

    Seems like the older I get, the quicker time flies.

  5. This is so cute!! I love how you have added the pop of green throughout the outfit!

  6. That necklace is a beauty!

    Lookin' good, girl!

  7. I love the ribbons on those shoes! And you're so right--the details make a big difference!

  8. Super cute outfit! Love the top details and the combination of colors.

  9. You are so cute. Love this outfit- there's a lot going on, but everything works. That's MY KINDA JAM! :)


  10. Loving that check top with that sassy cut out in the back! You wear it well, lady :)

  11. I love the details of the top and the colors you put together. The colors are definitely less conventional, but also super summery. As for the details, I'm always hoping people don't notice things like clean nails or even tan lines. I rarely have either. But! I do notice things like necklaces. I love yours. It seems like something from another time and it's kind of magical looking.


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