Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I am constantly amazed how many hidden gems there are in a city I've lived in forever.  Just when I think there's nothing new to see, the city surprises me.

This past weekend, my mom and I embarked on a little adventure and meandered our way to historic Strawberry Hill in Kansas City, KS.  She was actually the one to find out about the area across the river from the well known Kansas City, MO downtown area.

This beautiful historic home in the area was turned into the Strawberry Hill museum.  We weren't able to take pictures inside the house, but it has been so well maintained, and it was so interesting to hear about all the history and transformations the house has been through.

The Victorian-styled house was built in 1887 and has incredible stained glass windows throughout.  After a flu outbreak in the early 1900s, it was turned into an orphanage that was run by nuns from the nearby Catholic church.  There have been additions made to the house, but the grandness of the main part still holds its allure.

Residents of the area have donated objects for display that represent different cultural heritages of the first settlers of Strawberry Hill.  My mom and I really enjoy taking trips back in time through these types of tours.  Thinking about how life has become so different than just 100 years ago is pretty mind blowing.

Before the tour, we visited their tea room and had some iced tea, pink lemonade, and tried the traditional Eastern European desert, Povitica.

While the bread was delicious, my favorite part was hearing stories about my grandparents that I hadn't heard before or needed a refresher on.  The museum is by the train tracks and that made my mom think about how my grandpa found a job after coming home from World War II delivering mail from a train (did I get that right, Mom?).  Hearing again about how my grandparents met, how difficult things were after the war, and how hard they worked to make their children's lives better was a great reminder about how much we take for granted nowadays.

Remembering the past and all that our ancestors had to overcome to get where we are now is important.

Our memories and stories of the past should be revered and shared so that we maintain those ties to the past that make us appreciate our present and look forward to our future.

Down the street from the museum is Kaw Point, the place where the Kansas and Missouri rivers meet and where Lewis and Clark stopped on their famous expedition westward.

There is a great view of the downtown Kansas City skyline here.

I can't imagine traveling by boat for months at a time.  Maybe a cruise ship.  Maybe.  But even then, it would get old pretty quick.  It sure made me appreciate hopping into our car to head home.  That, and the air conditioning.  Ah...modern conveniences.
What a splendid day it was exploring our town with one of my favorite people in the world:) 
Find any surprising historical places or happy surprises in your neck of the woods lately?


  1. You and your mom are too cute for words! It sounds like I need to get out on some more adventures :)

  2. So cool that you're exploring our own KC- I didn't even know about these places! Love it! :)


  3. Omg what!? That looks so fun!! Also are you going to the GBS event at Kate Spade on the plaza next week???


  4. Not lately but how outstanding to have that nearby :) We definitely have it easy, in many respects, compared to those of the past - just thinking how hard your grandparents had to work to make ends meet was outstanding. I'm sure it's not easy for many today but compared to those int he past, the conveniences we have make it that much easier. There's nothing better than thinking "I need to buy x from x" and be able to get there comfortably in one's car! Amen :) Have a great one and thanks for sharing Kari! -Iva

  5. I love exploring close to home. It looks like you have some really lovely places nearby. I really love hearing about the history and trying to imagine what it was really like way back when. No doubt it was really great to hear a little of your grandparents' story as well. CJ xx

  6. Wow--that really sounds like a cool and education place to get a chance to explore around. I love the kind of museums like the one you described--there was a similar one where we lived in Kentucky, only it was housed in a very old factory--and it was so interesting to learn about the history specific to that area, because it school we mostly just learn general history.

  7. I like hearing about your grandparents too. It is so true, what you said about how different things are now. I think you and I both sometimes wish it weren't so different now ;) This sounds like the perfect outing with your mom!

  8. It is so crazy how there are so many fun places to adventure to in KC! We have a great city with all kinds of hidden gems! Sounds like you and your Mom had a great time exploring :)
    Xo Jana

  9. Kari!!! For some reason your comments are not being emailed to me so I can't respond! :( I am so jealous of all of your adventures that you blog about! Also, I loved your bunny's banner! ( I had to catch up on your blog the other day because I have been the worst blogger in the world and I tried to comment but I'm not sure if it worked)

  10. I love that you and your mom take little adventures together. I thought of you on Monday when we went to Kidscape because the electric house is in the back. I have yet to go through it, though.


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