Monday, January 12, 2015


So I bought these sweater leggings at Target a few months back.  Ah, who am I kidding?  I bought them in every color available.  Scratch that.  I didn't buy one of the color options.  That's what's called will power, people.

I've really been loving the idea of pattern/color on my pants instead of my tops.  It's like a mullet for your clothes.  Business on top, party on the bottom.

I feel like the majority of my tops are solids, so I was getting bored with my outfit choices.  Adding these leggings has breathed new life into my closet.  (Plus, I'll take any excuse to wear pants with an elastic waistband.)

Since I've been having fun mixing and matching, I thought I'd share today how versatile one pair of leggings can be, even if they're in a bold print.  These days, you can usually find me in one of these three outfits.

Bohemian Vibe:
Peach Boyfriend Cardigan: Old Navy (old) // Chambray Tunic: J Crew Factory // Buddy Bling Necklaces: My Shop // Kissing Fish Bracelet: Target (old) // Hat: Target // Leggings: Target (similar) // Booties: Minnetonka

First up, we've got a look that's a little more bohemian.  I bought these booties after I rounded up my stock of leggings.  I wanted something easy that I could slip on and were comfortable.  These are great, but you may need to add a gel insert (or two) since there isn't much support.

Hoodie: Old Navy (similar)  // Headband: This Etsy shop (similar) // Leggings: Target (similar) // Shoes: Converse

I really love the peach running through these leggings, so that's the color I tend to pick up to match in my tops.  I found this hoodie at Old Navy a few months ago and love how it switches up the feel of the leggings.  Now it looks like I'm super athletic running around store to store.

Casually Chic
Cardigan: Target (similar) // Shirt: Target (old) // Leggings: Target // Long Necklace: American Eagle (old) // Rhinestone Necklace: J. Crew Factory // Boots: Off Broadway (old)

Oh, if only I could braid my hair!  That would have really made this outfit pop even more.  A nice side braid or some sort of braided bangs.  Believe me, I've watched all the YouTube videos and pinned all the tricks on Pinterest.  It's such an easy concept.  But alas, my fingers just aren't able to perform any braided beauty.  To be fair, I only give myself one chance, because then my arms get tired and I lose all interest.

Anyways, I like this outfit with its mix of pattern and bright pop of color.  Perfect to make you feel happy despite the frigid temperatures.

How do you like to mix and match items in your wardrobe to keep things fresh?

Anyone else feel like just wearing sweatpants all day since it's so cold out?


  1. Adorable. The first one is my favorite, so cute!

  2. I think the first outfit is my favorite! I had some pretty crazy elephant print leggings last year--it's fun to find different ways to wear them!

  3. I love the colors and the patterns. I like corals and blues for winter too and those pants look so comfy! You do such a great job making such unique looks with one item! I need to take notes.

  4. So cute, is there anything more comfortable than leggings!? The last one is my favorite!

    The Clean Project

  5. Patterned leggings like this really punch up my winter wardrobe- I love black, don't get me wrong, but it can get old. Sometimes you just need something LOUD, you know? I love these. Definitely digging the sporty vibe right now- sporty chic street looks are all the raaaaage, don't you know? :)

    Stay warm- KC is a freaking ice box right now!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. I've only just recently began testing the print mixing waters...and I've seriously been missing out!! I love the sporty look on you :) Also, I'm shocked you can't braid, most people look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I'm not very good at it! Maybe my sister can teach us a few things together ;)

    26 and Not Counting

  7. LOOOVE the Bohemian vibe!

  8. LOVE the boho! I am also shocked that you can't braid, but I am not very good at it so I have no room to talk haha! My arms get tired and I give up too!

  9. these look super cute and love how you styled them! i can't really braid very well - i can do a plait, which i think is also called braid here, but i mean i can't do fancy braids lol.

  10. Love how you're wearing these funky fresh leggings. I wish I was printventurous like you!

  11. I totally love that hat! :) Have a super weekend.

  12. You are so gosh darn stylish!! These leggings are so cute on you and I love that you threw out three different ways to style them!!


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