Friday, May 1, 2015


With the clock ticking loudly on the impending arrival of our little girl (!), it's no secret that there isn't a shortage of things Wade and I need to be doing to get the house ready.  Projects we've been putting off for months, alright years, need to get done now.  Things that we knew we could do next weekend or some other time in the distant future when we would have all this magical time in the world.  Now, though, with a deadline, we're starting to feel the pressure.

Not so much so, though, that we didn't waste a perfectly good Saturday afternoon a few weeks back in the best possible way.  I got up and was eating my Wheaties, like I do every morning, gearing myself up for actually cleaning all those dirty dishes in the sink.

As I finished my breakfast of champions, Wade murmured something about going to the park as he absentmindedly gazed out the window at the sunlit backyard.

At the mere mention of doing something outside and enjoying one of the first perfect days of spring, I hopped up and agreed enthusiastically.  Dishes can wait when your husband actually wants to go to the park and sit on a blanket instead of you having to force him.

Another surprise came when he said we should bring Mr. Maisy.  Wade has always been so protective of the little bunny even when I insisted I wanted to bring him everywhere like those rich ladies do when they carry their toy poodles in their purses.

So we grabbed a blanket and put Mr. Maisy in a laundry basket for a temporary cage and headed to the lawn of the Nelson Atkins.  It was a total hipster paradise, with people hula hooping in the grass, flying kites, and us with our pet rabbit.

Mr. Maisy was quite the crowd pleaser.  One guy asked if he was our pet or just a wild rabbit that had hopped up to us.  We told him that there were wild rabbits like this all over the park and chuckled afterwards when he exclaimed, "Neat!" and then walked away.

It was a perfect spring day.  Not too windy, but still cool enough that you didn't swelter underneath the sun.

I felt a bit guilty at first for shirking our home duties.  Wade and I are both notorious for getting easily distracted when it comes to home maintenance projects and cleaning, but I'm so glad we went out and enjoyed the day.  There will come a time soon when just going to the park will require a 2 hour prep period and then might not be as relaxing.

We've been making progress in the weeks since, but I really cherish taking those time outs when we feel like it to just do whatever.  My idea of the perfect weekend is having no set plans and seeing where our whims take us.

This weekend, my whim is taking me to San Diego!  I'm meeting my BFF from college, and I cannot wait to get away for a little R&R and change of scenery.  For the past few years, I've had a yearning to visit the beach.  I didn't think I'd get there this year since I found out I was pregnant, but I feel so lucky this trip came together.


  1. The park looks wonderful, and I bet Mr M loved it too. Careful he doesn't run off with a wild rabbitess though! I hope you have a good weekend, it sounds like it will be lots of fun. Don't worry too much about the things that need to be done, it all usually works out somehow. CJ xx

  2. I have visions of you toting Mr. Maisy around in your purse. That would be way cooler than a little dog in a purse!


  3. Mr. Maisy is the popular bunny in school, for sure!

    And how cute are you in yellow?!

    Do not worry- the house chores + projects will get done! You can dooooo it!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. This looks like such fun :) how cool about your trip too, soak up all the fun times you can before your little bundle of joy comes :)

  5. What a fun weekend! I would love to run into a pet bunny when I'm out and about!

    Her Heartland Soul

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  7. Isn't it so nice to get outside and enjoy the weather?!

  8. The weather has been beautiful here except for all the rain now! SO glad you got out to enjoy that day! Hope your trip to San Diego went well!!

  9. Looks like the perfect day to bring Mr Maisy out, he is the cutest!


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