Monday, May 12, 2014


I've heard people say before that there is nothing like a mother's love for her child.  Well, I'd add on to that thought and say that there's also nothing like a daughter's love for her mother. 

She makes the good times that much sweeter and the rough times tolerable.

She always answers my phone calls and can tell just by the way I say hello if everything is ok. 

She was my first blog reader.

Along with my dad, she is my greatest teacher and my biggest fan. 

Only as I've gotten older have I realized just how special this bond truly is. 

As a fun mother/daughter date, we went to a Mother's Day event at Anthropologie hosted by the sweet Julie Blanner of Coordinately Yours to learn how to make those big tissue flowers I've been seeing around the blogosphere.

 Making this event even more special, we got to go with our sweet mother/daughter friends.  You've probably seen my good friend Jessica with her cute kiddos on the blog before.  We met in middle school and have had lots of fun outings with us and our moms.  It was wonderful to get the gang back together.

The theory behind making the flowers was fairly simple, but I learned a lot with this first one that would make my second one look a whole lot better.  Our first attempt turned out ok, but there is definitely room for improvement.

We could start a garden with our beautiful blooms.

 My mom has become one of my go to photographers.  Look at how great she captured this candid moment.

Thanks for a great event, Julie!  It was so much fun and everything was beautiful!
It was a great night getting to hang out with my mom and good friends and laugh as we crafted.  It doesn't really matter what we're doing, we always have a fun time. 

Thank you, Mom, for being the best mom ever.  I love you more than words can say.


  1. That is a really fun special event for an activity to do with your mom! And you're right--we're blessed to have these special ladies in our lives!

  2. How fun! Your flowers look great :)


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