Thursday, May 8, 2014


Ah, summertime.  It's finally time to start planning some weekend getaways for a change of scenery and to enjoy the warm weather.  In the winter, the thought of spending 4+ hours in a car seems terrible, but in the summer, driving with the windows down through winding roads seems so romantic.

Growing up, we would take a big road trip every summer and complain when my mom wanted to stop at some historical plaque on the side of the highway.  Even though I balked at the time, those are now some of my best memories.  I find myself always checking the road signs now to make sure we don't miss a thing.

We have a few road trips planned this month, so  I wanted to share my essentials for a good road trip that I've gathered over the years.  Sound off in the comments below if I miss anything!

(1)  Craft Supplies--Is it just me or do other people love packing up fun projects to do on long car rides?  I'm prone to car sickness, but that doesn't stop me from filling up a vintage travel cosmetic bag with embroidery floss, fabric, and scissors for the long ride.  Here's a picture of how my travel case looked the last car ride I took.

When I was little, I would get to bring one backpack full of how many toys would fit into it.  I would stuff that thing full of all the things I was sure I couldn't live without for the next few days and then just end up playing with one or two things.  Some things never change:)

(2)  Comfy Clothes--I like being really comfortable in the car, but still not look like a hobo when I stop for restroom breaks (which is all the time).  These patterned shorts would be perfect to wear, and the price is great.

(3)  Flip Flops--I don't like being in a car with regular shoes on.  I like to slip mine off (case in point), but I don't want to have to retie them when I get out of the car.  Since it's warm, flip flops are a must and these match those patterned shorts really well!  (Don't tell anyone, but I even wear them with socks in the winter.  That's how much I dislike wearing tie up shoes on car rides:)

(4)  Car Games--Nothing passes the time as well as playing games with your fellow passengers.  This pack of travel games would be perfect.

(5)  Water Bottle Infuser--I haven't tried this water bottle infuser yet, but it just looks fancy.  Like it would take your road trip from ho hum to ooh la la.  Do you infuse your water with fruit?  I don't, but it's on my list of things to try.

(6)  Pillow--Why bring an ordinary pillow along when you can bring this adorable bear pillow to help you nap the car ride away?  I'm notorious for falling asleep right when I get in the car, so this would be ideal for helping me find that comfortable spot.  Then I can just wake up after a nice long nap and be like, "we're here, already?"

(7)  Ear buds--Sometimes you just don't want to be listening to the same music the driver or other passengers are listening to (or maybe they don't want to listen to your music).  Whatever it is, these hedgehog ear buds are adorable and would let you listen to your tunes in peace...while you drift to sleep on your bear pillow.

(8)  Tunes--To go with your ear buds, you'll need to bring some music.  These are my go to bands right now for long car rides.  I'm all about easy listening while watching the cars pass by.

(9)  Your Suitcase--The one thing that makes me anxious and unable to sleep the night before is the thought of forgetting my suitcase.  It would be horrible, and I constantly check the trunk to make sure it's in there before we leave.  Wade and I have suitcases in the same color, so I've been eyeing a floral suitcase for a while so that it stands out and I can make sure it hasn't fallen out the back as we've been driving.

(10)  Cooler/Snacks--What's a road trip without snacks to mindlessly munch on as you sit in the car all day?  We usually pack a cooler full of pop we like and then I end up bringing way too many individually wrapped bags of pretzels and apples.  At least I'm prepared, right?

Last thing I make sure I always have with me is this set of wristbands that are supposed to keep your stomach from getting nauseous on car rides.  I swear by them, but it could also just be a placebo effect.  They definitely make me look cool when I hop into a gas station wearing them.

Did I miss anything?  Do you have any fun things you bring on long car rides?  Taking any road trips this summer?


  1. One of my favorite parts of road tripping down to Florida for spring break was stocking up on food and drinks to bring! Random, I know but we had such a fun time picking out the best snack food!

  2. I always bring a pillow, sometimes a blanket to cuddle up with, too, and the snacks and games are key! And it's so much nicer to have long road trips during good weather--We had some long cross-country drives this winter--I wasn't even driving but the conditions scared me, so I couldn't take my eyes off the road!

  3. Definitely craft things, although I get car sick too and I can't knit for very long at all, and only at the end of a journey. And definitely snacks, must have snacks. I like flip flops in the car in the summer too, and sometimes I slide them off and curl up in the seat. And sometimes I nod off for a bit too... Love it. And I love exploring as well. Some of the best times we've had have been on the journey to go on holiday when we've found somewhere exciting to stop and have lunch.

  4. I love a good road trip. I don't really do crafty type things, but I do feel like those wrist bands work. Even if it is a placebo, who cares? As long as you're not throwing up, success!
    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  5. I like to bring my colored pencil case in the car so I can draw crappy pictures of the stuff I see out my window, ha. I like how your parents used to let you bring as many things as could fit in your backpack. I remember one motor home trip we took when I was a kid. I got to pick out this toy called "Quints". Do you remember those? Five tiny baby dolls with little bottles? I love.road.trips!

  6. That water bottle!!! I've had my eye on a different one, it does the same thing but is 3x the price, which was holding me back. I think I might have to get this one! Thanks for posting :)


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