Wednesday, September 10, 2014


As promised from my post about the Boozy Snow Cone Bash, I'm back to show you how to make these adorable paper lanterns.  They can either add a fun pop of color during your daytime get together or light up your backyard with a beautiful glow. 

Plus, they're relatively easy to make.  If I can do it, then you can do it.  I promise. 

If you look really close, they're no where near perfect, but that doesn't matter.  They look cute from far away and weren't all that time consuming to make.  And the best part is that you can make them in whatever color you want that fits the motif of your party.

Paper Lantern DIY


--Tissue paper
--Gold spray paint
--Popsicle sticks
--Glue gun
--Crepe paper for decoration
--Piece of cardstock or scrapbook paper

Step 1: Spray paint a ton of popsicle sticks gold.  Better get to eating those bomb pops and fudgsicles:)  Actually, I bought a box of jumbo craft sticks at a craft store.  Each lantern takes 16 sticks to make, so I just lined up the sticks and painted away. It was kind of a pain since the sticks kept blowing over, but I just did one side to save on time.

Step 2: Once the sticks have dried, it's time to make the form of your lantern.  Fire up that hot glue gun and connect the edges of two sticks together to form a corner.

Do this another three times until you have 4 corner pieces.  Then hot glue a stick to the top and bottom of each corner to connect the corners into a square shape.

Step 3:  Cut four pieces of tissue paper to fit into the windows of the lantern.  Before you fully glue them into the lantern, tie a piece of string onto two sides so that you can hang your lantern if you like.   

Step 4:  Next, cut a piece of scrapbook paper or cardstock to fit the bottom of the lantern, and, you guessed it, hot glue it on.

Step 5:  You're almost done!  Now just add any decoration you want to the lanterns.  I added some fringe I cut from crepe paper. 

Now just hang them up wherever you like.  I put them up in the tree in my backyard for our Boozy Snow Cone Bash.  They were fun and colorful amidst the dwindling sunlight.

Then as the sun goes down, just add a battery operated flameless candle to each lantern and enjoy the glow.

I hope the weather stays warm enough to use these a few more times this year.  Maybe I can cut holes in the tissue paper to make it look like a carved pumpkin.  Hmmm...that's not a bad idea...

Stay tuned for a boozy snow cone syrup recipe and an easy flower crown DIY coming over the next week.


  1. Very cool. And probably a good idea, not using real candles in them. For the lantern festival, we do use real candles in paper lanterns and there's always that extra thrill of danger which maybe isn't needed at a backyard party...

  2. Too cute!
    If was in town, I SO would've been there. :) Great event, doll!


  3. How cute are those lanterns?! I wish I could have made it to your party, it looks like it was darling!

  4. These are super cute! I will have to make some for a party next summer!

  5. I love that you spend time crafting. These are really pretty and they don't sound too complicated. I'll have to think of these for my little backyard tree if we have a party.

  6. Amazing shots of your super cute lanterns! They looked so cute in both the bright sunshine and glowing during our chat fest!


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