Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Welp, our sweet little lady bun is actually a dude.  That's right, Maisy Mae will henceforth be known as Mr. Maisy. 

We tried changing his name to Geronimo, but it just didn't seem to fit. 

Here's a timeline of events:

Brought little Maisy Mae home when she was only 7 weeks old and the pet store guy swore that she was a girl and that would be the best way to go---> Rushed her to the vet when she was only 9 weeks old for the Snuffles (a very serious bunny cold) to get antibiotics and the vet talked about how complicated it can be to get female buns spayed--> Didn't think anything of it until she hit puberty and started peeing everywhere to mark her territory (she was litter trained before)--> Dug into the internet and found a chat room that said female bunnies sometimes pee a lot to mark their territory-->  Assumed the large flesh colored things next to her bottom were some type of female organs--> Went to the movies with my parents where my mom asked, "Are you sure she's not a he?"--> LIGHTBULB!

It's quite embarrassing looking back on it now to say it never crossed our minds that he wasn't a she.  Basic anatomy and common sense should have shed some light on it before, but it's pretty hairy down there! 

Perhaps it's also because I was having too much fun dressing her him up in matching floral crowns.

To be honest, I was a bit sad when I found out.  I know it's the same rabbit, but Maisy Mae is gone now.  At least Mr. Maisy is just as adorable and still as sweet.

Neutering a male rabbit is not as invasive or risky as spaying a female rabbit, so he's at the vet today to have his little surgery.  Poor little guy.  Hopefully, it will help curb his desire to mark his territory all the time and improve the smell in the sun room. 

Just wanted to share the news so you didn't think we got a new bunny.  Ah, look at that sweet face.  Mr. Maisy is still the best little sidekick!


  1. Whomp, whomp. I had the same thing happen with a cat, hoping the peeing is under control soon!

  2. That's hilarious! At least he's ringing in the new year knowing his gender. :) Or I guess that would be you and Wade... haha ;) I cannot WAIT for Thursday!

  3. Oh bless him, I do hope he's feeling better soon. That little boy bun hat is fantastic though, it really goes so nicely with his ears. Wishing you all a very good 2015. CJ xx

  4. Aw, he looks very cute in his feather headband tho!


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