Monday, December 22, 2014


The poinsettia plant has become synonymous with Christmas.  Every year my parents purchase a poinsettia plant that is used to decorate the alter at my church for the Christmas Eve service.  After the service, we get to take the plant home with us where its colorful blooms fill the house. 

Nowadays, the plant comes in a variety of colors other than the traditional red.  I've been incorporating more peach into my holiday palette (see here), so when I found poinsettia plants in peach and hot pink, I knew I had to take a few home with me.

I wanted the color to permeate throughout the entire house, though, and not just be transfixed in one potted plant. 

So I did a bit of research and found that you can use poinsettia plants as fresh cut flowers by following a super simple rule. 

So simple, in fact, that like my recent painted trees tutorial, no truly "how-to" pictures are needed.   These are the kinds of projects I like: so easy even I can do them. 

The key is that after you cut the bloom stem (just like you would if you were arranging any other store bought bouquet), you have to burn the bottom of the stem

You'll notice when you cut the stem that a milky substance starts coming out.  This liquid contains vital nutrients for the flower, and it will quickly die if all the liquid comes out. 

So just hold the stem over an open flame and burn it until there is no more milky white substance coming out.  I was worried to do this, too.  I didn't want to kill the flower.  But after my first few attempts where I just barely burned the edge and the flower quickly drooped over, I decided to just go for it and burn the whole thing until the bottom of the stem was black.

You'll know if you didn't burn the stem enough if you put the flower into a vase of water and the water turns cloudy.  If it does, just do a fresh cut and burn the edge of the stem again.  Somehow, magically, the flowers are still able to soak up the water to stay alive.

And my arrangements have been alive for 2 weeks!

I love the pop of color they add around the house. 

These would make a fun hostess gift for any holiday festivities or give your home that extra bit of color for the holidays.  Happy arranging!

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  1. I never knew you could do that! So interesting! Thanks for the tip. Will have to try next year.

  2. They look lovely arranged like that, and how interesting about burning the stem, that's a good tip. I hope you guys have a really wonderful Christmas Kari. CJ xx

  3. Look how awesome these turned out! So festive and gorgeous. Merry Christmas, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Those look fantastic! Perfectly placed all around your house!

  5. This is such beautiful DIY! I never knew pointsettias could be cut and put in a vase like a flower... that's beautiful. It adds so much beauty & festiveness to your home!

  6. I did not know that about burning the stem, what a great tip!

  7. What a beautiful arrangement! The pink and hot pink really compliment each other and give off such a delicate and feminine vibe. I love it!


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