Monday, June 8, 2015


I've talked here before how I've been nervous about getting everything done before the baby makes her debut.  Top of the list to get done has been the nursery.  Previously, this room was my husband's haven.  A place for him to live out all those boyhood fantasies of having an entire room dedicated to video games.

So for years, he scoured Craigslist, Goodwills, and garage sales to bring home just about every game system and game from the 80s and 90s created.  I exaggerate, of course, but when I would walk in there, it would certainly seem that way to me.

So many games.

Seriously, how many games does one grown man need?

Well, I guess I shouldn't be talking since I've amassed quite the stockpile of fabric and felt.

I had been starting the conversation of moving his stuff out of the room months ago.  In his mind I have 3 months left, which equals 3 months to finish things.  Wrong-o, buddy!  We need to get things done now so that I can still move around and add the fun stuff before I can't get off the couch.

After trying to get me to put it off another weekend by saying I needed to rest (I'm not falling for that anymore), he moved everything out of the room and we painted it.  A nice blank slate.  Perfect for adding fun touches of color.

The below pictures are how the room looked before.

And now it looks like this...

This is a pretty grainy shot from my phone, but better pictures are coming as we start adding things to make it Roo's room.

I'm not a big fan of home improvement projects, but with every swish of white paint over the blue, I felt an overwhelming flood of emotion that we were making this our daughter's room.  It still seems strange to say that.

Now I'm entrenched in deciding on crib sheets and the color to paint a dresser that will be the changing table.  Sometimes I feel paralyzed by the choices, but my mom has been so patient and helped me narrow things down.  I don't want to jinx it, but I feel like we're fairly close to getting things finalized.

A big THANK YOU to my mom and dad for helping us paint, keeping us on track, and for putting up with sore backs.

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  1. oh gosh, i'm so glad my husband hasn't decided to turn one of our rooms into a game room haha. he does have his fair share of games, but he rarely plays more than one system - he sticks to the playstation or the xbox or the computer one at a time. i'm still trying to convince him to move his computer out of our living room and into one of the spares.
    but i digress! i love the blank slate of your daughter's (!!) room! can't wait to see how it comes along. i understand being overwhelmed by the choices, i feel that way any time i try to 'decorate' and that's just for me, not for someone else's room haha. good luck!

  2. I can't wait to see the colorful, fun, happy room you come up with!!


  3. Ah nursery prep has been stressing me out too! You'll get it all done! No worries! :)

  4. Well done Wade for giving up his den for his baby. I have no doubt you will make it a beautiful space for her to grow into. I shall look forward to seeing your progress. Exciting times! CJ xx

  5. WOW--yeah, that was a lot of equipment to move. No wonder he wanted to procrastinate a little. :) Great start!

  6. It looks awesome! Such a wonderful, sun-filled blank slate for all the fun things you are picking out. Can't wait to see more pics of your projects.

  7. I can't wait to see what you do here, you hav such a creat ie eye!

  8. And so it starts! I can't wait to see what the finished nursery looks like- I know it'll be amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. I am so excited for you!! Her nursery will be amazing just like her mama!


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