Thursday, June 18, 2015


Well, this post is terribly late, but as I was going back through pictures the other day I realized I didn't want to forget Easter 2015.  I'll just blame it on Roo for my lack of gumption the past few months:)

I love what these pictures capture for our family: cuddles with sleepy babies, the sheer delight in hunting for Easter eggs, how my brother is one big kid (which I love), and that we all really enjoy being together.

Being about 17 weeks pregnant at the time, I was just beginning to show and cinched my belt up tight so that people could see my growing bump.  The thrill of what was in store for us became real that weekend when we were thrown into a house full of toddlers.  Crying, laughing, yelling, excited toddlers running around.  I had to take naps just watching them expend all that energy.

At one point, Wade and I looked at each other from across the room as the toddlers circled us.  I can't remember a time I could read Wade's mind better than in that moment: Can we really do this?

But then the older ones left, and we were left with the littlest who began playing quietly by herself.  One alone we can handle (or so we think now:)

We were learning a valuable lesson.  Embrace those crazy and energy-filled moments, because there will also be quiet times that will be fulfilling but also make you yearn for the excitable moments when you're all together again.

We watched the cousins play together that weekend and smiled knowing that our little one would soon be among them.  Chasing behind them, yelling at them to wait up, and getting big hugs from her older cousins.

It was a surreal moment and made me want to freeze everything as it was, just for a little while longer.

But it also made me want to speed up time to Easter 2016 when Roo is in these pictures, and we can look back and remember how things used to be, remark at how much has changed, and be thankful that some things, like our family, are still the same.

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