Friday, January 29, 2016


Wowza!  This little lady’s happy personality has sure started to surface this month!  Everly is engaging with those around her by smiling, talking, and even giggling if you act ridiculously enough in front of her. 

She has also become increasingly more aware of her surroundings.  Before, Wade and I would be able to squeeze in a movie at night as I nursed her and she snoozed between nursing sessions.  When we sat down to watch Scrooged a week before Christmas, though, she kept crying and wouldn’t latch on.  I was worried that she wasn’t getting enough milk until I took her back to our usual quiet and dark room where she ate like a hungry little hippo.  I guess she’s telling us a. that she doesn’t care for 80s Bill Murray movies (which is a shame and we’ll have to revisit this when she’s older) and b. she enjoys a nice quiet candlelit mood for her meals.  Talk about high maintenanceJ

My mom said she had to stop nursing me at 6 months, because I was just too distracted by everything else going on.  I’m hoping that Everly isn’t trending this way and will still be enticed by her dinner instead of the blank wall across the room.  I know it’s a pretty cool wall, but now she’s just making me feel unwanted.

Let’s see.  What else did she do this month that completely wowed us and made us exclaim we must have the most advanced super baby around?  After checking the little calendar I bought to log all her firsts and swore would be easier than writing in her baby book every time, I’m dismayed to find that it’s looking rather sparse.  Not for lack of Everly’s amazing happenings, but rather for her mom’s forgetfulness. 

A big thing that has been gradual, but more noticeable this month, is that she’s holding her head up so well.  It’s so much easier to carry her now that her head isn’t flopping around.  She wants to be in the mix and see everything around the house.  Even those dust bunnies in the corner of the room seem to impress her.  Oh, to be able to see the wondrous world through the eyes of a babe.

She’s been sleeping well.  I don’t even want to go into specifics here, because I’m sure it will jinx us.  Wade didn’t believe me about how important her little routine is and tried to go back into her room after laying her down for the night.  Boy, was that a mistake.  Let’s just say we don’t question the routine anymore.

We celebrated Everly’s first Christmas during this time, and she loved it!  Incorporating her into the festivities and starting our own traditions with her made this time of year even more magical.  Her cousins were a constant source of entertainment for her as they followed the direction of my brother for this year’s Christmas play, a rendition of The Nutcracker.  The little girls danced around in their tutus and my nephew marched out as the nutcracker in a cardboard costume covered in colored tape.  Just another way my brother added so much whimsy to the holiday.

It seems as though each new day Everly does something new to amaze us.  We told ourselves we wouldn’t turn into that couple who just sits and stares at their kid, but we don’t care anymore!  She’s too fun to watch!  Even though we’ve seen our nieces and nephew do what she’s doing, it’s exciting because she’s doing it.  We ooh when she grabs her foot and sticks it in her mouth, and we ahhh when she gives us that little flirty smile of hers.  

How can you not melt for those chubby little cheeks?  
Geez, Everly, try to pretend you are having a good time:)


  1. I remember the nursing distractions too, good thing we have comfy chairs in their rooms! I used Grant until 9 months and that was fine with me, he was eating so many solids he want needing to nurse much anyway. Plus it gets tricky once they get teeth!

  2. awwww she is so adorable! meanwhile, i kind of need that kangaroo in my life.

  3. That last picture is so funny! I'm sure that face will emerge again when she's 14. You guys look great - parenthood looks good on you.

  4. She is so pretty and has a beautiful, unique name :) I love reading your blog! Have a great day!


  5. So cute!! Christmas was a million times more fun with Kerryn, even though she had no idea what was going on. I love how they seem to do something new and different every day.



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