Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I was here

Putting yourself out there is never easy.  That's how I feel about this blog.  I'm wary to write anything too personal or too revealing, because when you really put yourself out there, negative responses can be heartbreaking.  I'm not sure what I want this blog to be.  I started it because I like the idea of having a daily diary that includes my thoughts and pictures from little moments that happen throughout the year.  It's so easy to forget them, and I like the central repository.  I also admire a lot of bloggers and find inspiration in what they do.  I hear a lot of negative comments about bloggers "being fake" or only including the good stuff.  While I think it's important to be real, that is kind of the point of blogging--to keep a reminder of the good things in your life, not to air all your dirty laundry that may make you cringe when you go back and read it a year later.  Life is hard.  We should all support one another and recognize people for what they offer.  I don't pretend to know it all.  What I do know is that I want to be part of the blogging community, but I want it to be on my terms.  There are so many wonderful blogs out there and funny and creative people, that I don't expect my blog to turn into anything but me re-reading entries I posted a few months ago.  But it's my slice of the internet to design and do what I will with.  It's me telling my story, and for me, that's enough.  Even though no one may ever read it or like it, at least I know it's there and that I was here.

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