Friday, July 19, 2013


One of our favorite things to do on these summer nights is to take a bike ride around our neighborhood.  A few years ago, Wade surprised me with his and her cruiser bikes.  With their extra wide, cushioney seats and large wheels, we have been riding in comfort ever since.  They remind me of the beach cruisers we had when we took a family trip to Hilton Head a few years ago.  A little clunky and temperamental, but way more comfortable than the mountain bike I had before.         

I've been trying to figure out outfits that work well with bike riding.  I always see those pictures of girls looking so fashionable when riding a bike.  They're in these cute dresses, with their hair looking perfectly wind blown, and I just feel like a big sweaty mess in sports shorts and a gross old t-shirt.  I decided to try to up my game.  We biked to our favorite pizza place a few weeks ago, so I wore this outfit.  It was pretty comfortable, and my hair was up so it didn't look too bad once I took off my helmet.  Luckily it was a cool night, so I wasn't overly sweaty when we got there.  A little sweaty, but at least my shorts didn't have big sweat stains making it look like I peed my pants on our big adventure.  That was my biggest fear.  It ended up being a lot farther away than we thought, though, so we were trying to navigate our way home in the dark.  Not the safest thing to do.  Next time we'll shoot for the early bird special.
Outfit details: Top, shorts: Old Navy. Bracelet (yes, it looks like two tigers kissing): Charming Charlie.  Shoes: Converse. Headband: My Shop
What do you wear to ride a bike?  Any suggestions?


  1. beautiful pictures :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. Kari, the grab box for your buttons doesn't appear to be working. Have refreshed the page a few times and it's still the same. Must be a problem with the coding! If you want I'll re-code them for you (:

  3. Love your bike. I got my beach cruiser last year and LOVE it!. I wish I could ride it more often. The scenery around my neighborhood is not nearly as nice and green as yours. It's all industrial on my end. Boo! :/

    I had to laugh when reading your post though. Two reasons: The sweat stain most of all. I always want to take the leap and ride our bikes to the closest restaurant or frozen yogurt shop nearby with images of those girls, dressed all cute when riding their bikes, but it's actually not that beautiful in real life. The ride would be at least five miles and I am so out of shape it's not even funny (although riding there and back more often might help the matter but anywho...) and it's so damn hot hear in AZ. My husband and I rode out bikes once to the library (about 1 and a half mile away) I couldn't get off my bike and go inside because I was embarrassingly sweaty. Double boo! Bike rides are just more more enjoyable in my head. :/

    I have to say you looked quite cute, which makes me not like you a little bit. hahaha. I kid...I kid of course. :)

    P.s. Sorry my comments are always so long. lol

  4. Lovely pictures :)
    MAybe you want to follow each other? Let me know:)

  5. I don't know how girls pull off the cute look while riding either! Maybe they're just riding up and down their street?? But you definitely pulled it off, I especially love your headband! I don't care what I look like when I ride. I usually just wear yoga pants and an old t-shirt/tank top because I know for sure I'm going to get sweaty & gross. lol. Have a great weekend!

  6. You look so cute! I love the pop of color on your lips! Happy Riding (without any spills)! :)

  7. I love your outfit and I love how the photos share the details of your experience. When I ride my bike I opt for shorts and a shirt or a dress with a bathing suit under it since we're usually riding by the beach. But sometimes, when my suit shows while I'm riding, I feel the urge to announce "It's my bathing suit!" so people don't assume it's my underwear.

  8. hy, followed you on bloglovin as gcelkyte :))

  9. I ALWAYS have big stains when I ride by bike! Now I only wear black or dark blue :)


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