Sunday, July 7, 2013


I've never really decorated much for 4th of July.  It's probably because I don't love red, and all the decorations for this holiday seems to be that bold red and blue combination.  So this year I wanted to make some decorations that were a different take on the traditional colors.  Red and blue are still in there, just in a different tone.

We have lights hung above our patio, so I thought it would be easy to make bunting out of paper to put between the lights.  This was a super easy project that only took about an hour to do.  The hardest part was having to hang them up, which I left up to Wade:)

Step 1:  Gather scrapbook paper in size 12x12 in any color of your choosing.  You can cut to your liking, but you'll need the paper in a square shape (ex: 8x8, 4x4, etc.).
Step 2:  Take one piece of paper and put the nice side down.  In this case, the back side (white side) of the paper is facing me.  Then fold the whole paper accordion style.

Step 3:  Then once the entire page is folded accordion style, fold the paper in half, like the picture below.  Hot glue the inner sides together so that the shape is now a half circle.
Step 4:  Now just turn the half moon over so that the flat edge is on top.  Do the same thing with the rest of your scrapbook pages.  I did about 20 of these.  To actually hang them, I used a hole punch to make a hole to put a quick tie through the bunting and the light wire.  It worked pretty well, but I could also see just stringing all the half moons together with yarn or string.

Happy bunting!


  1. This is such a unique idea. It's seems pretty affordable and simple, too. Good call!

  2. Cute! Not too much work but still very festive! Everything you touch turns to gold, Kari.

  3. very adorable decorations! I love that idea :) everything looks so fun and dreamy !xx


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