Tuesday, July 9, 2013

JULY 4th

We grilled out with our friends Monte and Nicole this year to celebrate the 4th of July.  We spent the majority of our time outside enjoying the breeze and some fun cocktails.  I broke out my Island Cooler recipe, but opted to drink it out of a real glass instead of a pineapple.

I can't remember a 4th of July in recent years where it was cool enough to sit outside.  Usually it's 100 degrees outside and so muggy that you immediately stick to whatever surface your bare skin is touching.  I hate having to peel my legs off my chair on a hot summer day.  But this year, the weather was perfect.  It was warm, but not too warm, and there was a nice breeze a-blowing.
I made a few decorations to hang above the patio (see the tutorial for the paper bunting here) and made some tissue "sparklers" since we didn't have any real fireworks.  They turned out to be pretty fun as Nicole and I did what appears to be an interpretive dance with them...
Monte even got in on the dancing action.

We had such a blast with some of our favorite people.  You guys are the best!  It was a great day, and a good reminder as to how lucky we are to live in this beautiful country.  I know it's not perfect, and I take a lot for granted, but on days like this it's nice to stop for a minute and think about how fortunate we are.
find out how to make this chalkboard label for glasses here

Hope everyone had a great 4th!  What did you do?  Where's the best fireworks show you've ever seen?


  1. It sounds like you had a good time, I loved reading the interpretive dancing part with your homemade sparklers; bet that was fun. I am in love with your backyard. It's green and looks huge. Ours is so sad and depressing...all dirt.

    As for our 4th. We did nothing. How lame I know. I have been in AZ for almost 5 years I think and have never been to a firework display. How sad is that?!?! In our defense my husband has always had to work and this year was our first year spending it together but still we did nothing. I'll make greater effort next year though. :)

  2. I'm thankful for this not perfect country too. I love it here and we are very lucky. I'm glad you included that sentiment here.

    p.s. Your decorations add a really personal touch to your parties.

  3. You are way too adorable! The best show we've ever seen was in Louisville, KY the summer we got married. We were visiting my sis and went downtown for a country concert near Rupp Arena. There were about 3 finales in the production. It was amazing! The most hilarious one was when we were visiting Grammy in Iowa, and the show lasted 45 minutes. People left halfway through because they only shot up one at a time. I guess some firemen were out of town that year.


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