Thursday, August 8, 2013


This past weekend, my very dear friend, Jessica, asked Wade and me to take her maternity photos.  We were thrilled, but also a bit uneasy since we hadn't done anything like this before.  We just got our camera a few months ago, so we are by no means experts.  In fact, I finally found a setting that works well and leave it mainly on that.  Here are some of the things I hadn't really thought too much about before but proved vital to getting a nice photograph.  I want to hear from you what advice you have, since I'll take every opportunity to learn more about this fancy contraption that steals my image.

>> Lighting:  Man, this is a tricky one to control.  We were lucky that it was overcast when we shot the majority of the photos.  There was still enough light, but it wasn't overly bright so that harsh shadows were created.  Towards the end, the sun starting peaking its way through more.  We could have started a little later, which probably would have helped the sun glare, but I wanted to make sure we got everything in.  In the future, I'll be more comfortable starting as the sun sets if there are no clouds in the sky.

>>Poses: Jessica was awesome and did her research so that she knew the exact poses she wanted.  She brought them on her phone so that we could look at them when we needed a new idea. Coming up with posing ideas is what I've always found to be the hardest.  Whenever I get in front of the camera, I just freeze and do my one pose.  I call it my blogger pose.  You know the one.  It's that go to pose every outfit blogger does--looking down at your shoes will messing with your hair with a half smile.  I need to do a better job of shouting things out to get everyone more comfortable.  Maybe I'll invest in a good joke book. 

>>Just Keep Shooting: We joked when we first started shooting that we would take a few hundred photos.  We all laughed because that seemed like a ridiculously high number.  What was the grand total of pictures?  A whopping 400!  With digital cameras you can just keep shooting and shooting.  That is the only way to capture those rare in between moments that really showcase the subject's personality.

>>Editing: You know, some of the photos turned out amazing on their own, while others I wanted to add a little something extra by playing with the colors, cropping, etc. through Photoshop.  I think both ways are beautiful.  I'm still trying to find my style.  It ranges between candy colored photos and soft, dreamy pictures.  We've enjoyed playing around with the different looks, so no need to limit yourself.  Sometimes pictures take on lives of their own.

Here are just a few of the photos of Jessica and her sweet family.  I mean, how cute are they?  It's easy taking pictures when your subjects are so lovely.

What are your photography tips and tricks?  We're leaving for the lake this weekend, so I'm excited to get some rest and relaxation in on the water.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh Kari! You and Wade did a wonderful job. They are all fantastic. My favorites have to be the last 3 though. So pretty.

    I really like soft and dreamy pictures too. As for any tips...ISO and Exposure are the two setting I mess with the most. I have found that the right ISO setting can make a world of difference. Playing around with the exposure can help loads when it comes to lighting. :)

  2. These are so cute! Job well done for someone who's a relative newbie to photography!

  3. Stunning pictures Kari, she must have been delighted with them. And you are so modest! I did a little two-day photography course a while back which taught me a lot. But photography is such a complex subject, and I would love to learn loads more.

  4. It's nice you hear you're still learning, and fine with sharing your little uncertainties when they arise, they inspire confidence in all us beginners ;) lovely photos Kari, well done, and such a beautiful family. Congratulations to the lucky parents :)

  5. Such lovely pictures! I have no tips ... I'm a terrible photographer. You need to teach me!

  6. Kari, you and Wade did such an incredible job! Thank you so much for taking a Saturday evening to spend with us to capture this very special time in our lives. It means the world to me. I keep looking at them over and over. I truly can't thank you enough. The only advice I have for you is to keep shooting!!! You've got talent that you're tapping into. We'll be your guinea pigs any time. :)

  7. awww what beautiful photos. =D


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