Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I've lived here my whole life, so it shouldn't come as a complete shock to me when the temperature drops 43, yes 43, degrees in a mere 24 hours.  Somehow, though, I'm always in utter disbelief that this is possible.

Wade and I have been playing tennis throughout the summer.  With the forecast calling for a cold front coming in, we decided we'd get in one last sparring match.  There's something about knowing there is something bad coming your way that makes you appreciate everything a bit more.  Like if you know you're going to get the stomach flu next week, why not eat that extra piece of cake?  Enjoy yourself.

I wouldn't say we're great tennis players, but we're fairly decent and at least can get a rally going.  No matter how good you are at a sport, it's nice to have someone who is at about the same skill level as you.  It makes it more interesting and isn't too frustrating or too easy.  His aim isn't quite as spot on as my dad who is able to hit the ball right back to me, allowing me to lazily stand in place, but it's pretty good.

Wearing shorts and t-shirts, we stepped on to the court with the temperature hovering at about 61 degrees.  It felt great, and in that moment I had to believe that all the meteorologists were crazy.  It was a beautiful crisp fall night.

After about 30 minutes, though, the wind began to whip leaves around the court and you could feel the cold air blowing in.  It reminded me of a cartoon cloud angrily blowing frigid air our direction.

I complained that I was ready to go, but Wade said one more serve.  So I hit a lob and watched as Wade jumped into the air with a frightening look of determination on his face and spiked the ball down, narrowly missing me as I rolled into the fetal position.  And with that epic hit, the season for meandering around outdoors and frolicking in the sunshine was over.

We grabbed our racquets and shoved each other out of the way, trying to be the first to get to the car and receive the sweet relief from the blaring heat.

When I woke up this morning, Weatherbug said it felt like 18 degrees outside.  What?!  I didn't want to believe it until I went outside and had to scrape ice off my windshield.  All I can hope for now is that sweet mother nature decides to show us a little love and flip things the other direction in the future.

I know now until the spring thaw, the amount of posts complaining about the weather will continue to pile up.  That's ok, though.  I love a good rant about the cold.  It always helps to vent your frustrations.

So this is chapter 1 of my rant.  To be continued in future months, I'm sure...


  1. It's chilly here too, and very wet. Time to get used to lots of layers and a bit of shivering. CJ xx

  2. I am in EU and it is getting more and more cold here as well. I love the saying that my friend once told me though; It doesn't matter how cold it is outside as long as there is the sun shining within us :) That helps me when I step outside and my nose freezes.

    Aniqa Dreams

  3. The first big cold and the first snow all in one day! Its gonna be a long winter!

    The Clean Project

  4. Angel was just reading on the news about this crazy temperature drop! I can't believe that, it's like changing seasons completely overnight!

  5. I'm glad you guys got out again! I laughed with the mental picture of you and Wade with that last volley. :) I hate the cold. I hate it even worse with 2 kids who aren't allowed to wear coats in car seats due to safety. That means bundling them up in the freezing temperatures for a few minutes to get inside the door. Ugh. I hate the cold!!

  6. I cannot believe how cold it is now! It is so crazy since Monday was so warm. I am crossing my fingers we got one more "hot steak" before Winter really arrives!

  7. Shanley and I went to a workout class that night and we were shocked when we came out to freezing temps! Thank goodness for car heaters and heated blankets ;)

  8. That temperature drop was CRAZY, right? Hi, winter, we get it- WE HEAR YOU. Haha.
    Stay warm, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. It's amazing the weather can change that much in one day! I had such a great visual of you two playing tennis in the last bit of Kansas warmth from your description. I get the feeling from some of the blogs I read that since last winter was so brutal for most of the country, that you guys are even less enthused about this winter. Maybe the shift in weather will get you excited about new crafts like knitting.

  10. I can't say I'm looking forward to the cold weather, but as long as it's going to be cold, I AM looking forward to curling up with Netflix until the sun comes out to play again. I probably won't have much of a life until spring. Hello, hibernation!


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