Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The leaves are changing color, ushering in a new season.  

And with that new season, our Instagram feeds and blog posts have filled up with pictures of boots crunching through the leaves, pumpkins arranged cutely on the front steps, and a myriad of other displays that signify fall.

I started seeing some comments pop up bemoaning the abundance of all these pictures with a similar feel. 

It was as if to say, we've already seen one tree with golden hued leaves, so that's enough.

It didn't stop me, though, from wanting to post my own pictures of the fall trees around me, that I was experiencing.  Because while they may appear similar, they are not the same.

These pictures represent a singular experience for me that makes it mean much more since I'm seeing it first hand through my own eyes.

How can we expect a marvelous transition such as fall to slip by with only a few pictures capturing its beauty?

Because these are not merely pictures.  These are visual portrayals of a memory that has been seared into our minds.  It has moved us, and we long to share it with others.

It's the reason a new love fills you with a giddiness you could never have experienced through second hand accounts.

And why a heartbreak makes you feel so alone.

You can tell people how wonderful that hot chocolate tastes, but they won't truly understand until the chocolatey concoction hits their own taste buds.

It's wonderful to hear the stories of others and learn from them, but don't ever feel strange about sharing your own version of something.  

It's just as important as someone else's account.

I'd like to think a leaf is just like a snowflake--every one is a little bit different from the others, making it special.  

So that means each picture or story you share from your perspective is truly different from everyone else's, because it's from you.

And that's a wonderful thought.


  1. I love when the leaves change color! But I am not excited for when they are all dead and the grass is yellow... so ugly looking haha!

  2. This is definitely a beautiful way to put it. These images are breath-taking.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! I have a draft of a post started that follows these lines...maybe I should finish it :)

  4. This takes me back to a quote I've heard many times before: "it's all been said before, but not by you." Photos are often the same!

  5. I never get sick of seeing the fall leaves and colors. It gets posted so much because we all feel such a memorable attachment to this time of year - a time of new endings bringing new beginnings, of the end of the summer bringing the holly jolly holidays in the months ahead... it's a wonderful time, and I love sharing it as well.

    <3 dani

  6. Beautifully written, doll.
    And I love the changing colors of fall- my favorite part! If we have to slide into super cold temperatures and winter weather, at least we're doing it with a bang! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. very well said - personally i could see a bazillion photos of the same thing, because they are all a little bit different and i love to see inside peoples lives if only a little :)

  8. I really like the sentiment in this post and I've been thinking about it over the last two days. The pictures are really beautiful too. I'm so glad you shared them.


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