Friday, April 17, 2015


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Dear Little Roo,

Today I felt you kick for the first, unmistakable time.  For the past few days, I had been feeling little movements or flutters in my lower left hand side.  I thought it must be you, but wasn't quite sure.

After eating a snack, I started feeling those movements again.  This time, though, I placed my hand on my stomach, and I felt your little hand or foot for the first time!  It was like you were giving me a high five to say that you're in there and everything is ok.  It made me smile and tear up at the same time.

Up until now, it's been hard to imagine that you're really in there.  I know we've seen you in ultrasound pictures, but it's still hard to believe.  Feeling you, though, has made this more real.  I still can't believe that in a few months you'll be living outside of me, a little being that started from just a dream.

I often times don't feel ready and worry about all the changes you'll bring.  But I know they will be the best possible kinds of changes and soon I won't know what we did without you.

I want to show you everything and watch you explore the world.

I want to teach you how to be good and kind and why those things matter so much.

I want you to feel how much we love you for always.

In a few days we're going to find out if you're a boy or girl.  You're the only one right now who knows that secret.  When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought I wanted it to go a certain way.  Now, though, I just want you to be healthy and happy.  I love you already and nothing could change that.

Love always,

Your mom (that's the first time I've ever written this.  It's strange and exciting all at once.)

I've been trying to document my feelings and thoughts more during the pregnancy, and after reading through Devon's letters to her Sprout, I love the idea of writing about various things that happened and struck me through the nine months.  Thanks, as always, for the inspiration, Devon:)


  1. Aw Kari, I'm so excited for you!! I love this idea of writing letters to the baby now!


  2. Kari, that's so exciting, I'm so happy for you, it's amazing to feel that little kick isn't it. I'm glad you're well, and I love the way you've written to your little Roo. I've been enjoying Devon's posts too. You're right about the changes, they will be good ones. It's the very best kind of adventure. Wishing you and Wade a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  3. Tearing up over here. I bet that's a moment you will never forget :) I hope you have the best weekend Kari!

  4. Yay, I'm so excited for you! You are going to be a wonderful mom! I so wish we lived closer, you just bring such "light" to everything!

  5. Awww Kari!! This was so sweet. I almost cried. I love how you have documented all of this!


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