Wednesday, April 1, 2015


When I walked into the house the other day, it was very quiet.  No Wade.  No Mr. Maisy.  I opened the back door, and a big fluff ball blew in my face.

As I gazed out into the yard, I could see Wade brushing Mr. Maisy, and the little bunny's fur flying all around the yard in the breeze.  It was like a bunch of soft, cotton balls slowly drifting away in the wind .

And there was so much hair.

Apparently, Mr. Maisy has gotten the memo that spring is finally here, and it's time to shed our winter coats and make way for the warmer weather.

Judging by the loud thump he gave us when we put him back in his cage, though, after his grooming, I don't think he felt he needed any help in that department.

I beg to differ, though, because he's a big 'ol fluff ball that sheds like crazy!  I didn't realize rabbits shed that much.  So he better get used to his grooming sessions.

Other than that, Mr. Maisy is a great pet.  He's quiet, uses a litter box to do his business (now that we got him neutered), and loves being petted.

He definitely has a funny personality.  He's extremely skittish and cautious.  When we bring him into the kitchen to hop around, he just sits there petrified.  Maybe we've coddled him too much.

The other night, we opened his playpen (where he spends most of his time) so he could hop around the sun room at his leisure.  After  awhile of hopping, he headed back into his playpen and I swear he tried to shut the door behind him.  He's pretty self sufficient:)

I'm loving shedding my winter coat, too.  And by winter coat, I mean the giant parka I wore all winter.  It's nice to be able to head out of the house now in just a light sweater.

There's a certain smell of sweetness to the air.  Just don't inhale too deeply, or you may breathe in a big pile of bunny hair:)


  1. hahaha the last line though. i wonder if this would work on my cats...

  2. We have to do this inside with Scout. It's actually gross and she hates it. I'm glad the weather has allowed us to shed our big winter coats. I'm perfectly happy wearing a light jacket or sweater :)

  3. Pretty lighting. I'm always happy to hear Mr. Maisy is getting along well in your family. Remember last summer when you were like: Should I get a bunny? Should I not get a bunny? It seems like kind of a big commitment! I totally agreed that it DID seem like a big commitment. Well look at us now! ha!


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