Monday, April 20, 2015


I remember when my sister-in-law was pregnant, we pinned a string to a pencil and dangled it over her wrist and saw it move side to side.  If you believe the old wives' tale, then she was carrying a little girl.  A few months later we learned it was true! 

Since becoming pregnant, I've started paying closer attention to these old wives' tales to see if I could predict my baby's gender before our 20 week ultrasound appointment.

So here are a few of the wives' tales and which way I swing.  Keep in mind that you get a different answer based on different websites.  For instance, some websites say that if you have morning sickness, that's a boy, while others say it means a girl.  I just went with the first answer I found.

Based on these answers, do you think it will be a boy or a girl?

Old Wives' Tale #1: Got Morning Sickness?  Apparently if you have morning sickness, then get ready to buy pink.  Absence of queasiness means that blue is in your future.

I had a lot of morning sickness, so this one is swinging towards a girl.

Prediction: Girl

Old Wives' Tale #2: Which Side You Sleep On  If you sleep on your left, it's a boy, and on your right, it's a girl.

I switch positions during the night, but I'm more inclined to fall asleep on my right side.

Prediction: Girl

Old Wives' Tale #3: Chinese Calendar  Legend says that this chart is over 90% accurate in predicting gender.

Prediction: Boy

Old Wives' Tale #4: Beauty  Do you look more radiant pregnant than you did before?  If so, it's a boy.  If you look more haggard, then it's a girl since she's stolen your good looks.

Considering I've been pretty sick and much paler than usual, I'd lean towards girl.  Maybe this will change, though, as food starts tasting better.

Prediction: Girl

Old Wives' Tale #5: Numbers  Combine your age at time of conception with the number of the month you conceived.  If the result is odd, then a girl is on her way.  If the number is even, then it's a boy.


Prediction: Boy

Old Wives' Tale #6: String Test  Pin a string onto the eraser part of a pencil and hold it over your wrist.  If it swings side to side, then it's a girl.  In a circle, and it's a boy.

The string swung from side to side on this one.

Prediction: Girl

Old Wives' Tale #7: Skin Dry or Soft  If your skin is dry, then you're having a boy.  If it's soft and supple, then a girl is on the way.

Well, it's wintertime, and I always have terrible dry skin in the winter.  Not sure if it's any worse this year, but I'll go with boy.

Prediction: Boy

Old Wives' Tale #8: Cravings  Craving something sweet all the time, then it's a girl.  If salty foods are all you want, then it's a boy.

Due to the morning sickness, I haven't been craving many sweets.  Salty foods have always been my weakness.  We'll see if that continues, though.

Prediction: Boy

Let's tally up the score.

Girl: 4

Boy: 4

Well that was absolutely no help.  I guess the odds remain at 50/50, and I'll just have to wait and see.  I've got blue and pink confetti all cut up so we're good either way.

Did any of these wives' tales work for you in the past? 

We're finding out the gender this week!  More than knowing if I need to make flower crowns or bow ties, though, I just want to know that everything is ok with the baby and he or she is happy in there and doing well.  That's what I'm most excited to find out.

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  1. i remember the one about the string... but you had to use a sewing needle instead of a pencil. we did it to a friend who was preggers and it was right lol

    xo, allie

  2. It's so funny to read all of these, can't wait to hear what you're having!

  3. My guess is girl... I'm so excited for you to find out today!!


  4. How exciting, it will be lovely for you to find out, and not much longer to wait! CJ xx

  5. I am SO excited to see! I hope it is a girl so you can make her so many cute little headbands!

  6. hahaha--yeah, that's definitely no help at all!

  7. These old wives tales are crazy, haha- but at least they provide a little entertainment until you guys really find out the gender! :) Excited for you!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. i love these old wives tales, they are so funny! i can't wait to hear, and i can't wait to do these on myself one day!

  9. Kari! This is so exciting! In the past week, I've found out that 3 of my friends are having girls all within about 10 days of each other. What does this mean for me?? NOTHING! Ahh! :) (Sorry that I've been MIA on your blog these days. However, I read every new post!)


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