Monday, May 20, 2013


Five years ago I stood nervously behind two giant doors in a beautiful botanical garden, clutching my dad’s arm.  The doors swung open, and I immediately saw Wade standing at the end of the altar waiting for me.  During our rehearsal, everyone kept warning me not to walk too fast.  I’d say I ended up taking my sweet time walking down the aisle.  I wanted to savor everything; to remember this moment and burn the images of my family and closest friends into my mind permanently.  As the words of Van Morrison’s “These Are the Days” wafted into the air, I looked up at Wade.  He was the man I would be going on this wonderful adventure with. 
I love thinking back on our wedding day, and Wade and I talk about it often.  We joke now about how shell-shocked we both were right after we left the chapel as the photographer followed us around telling us to do some crazy pose.  Weddings are whirlwinds and wonderful celebrations to bring all of your loved ones together to share in your special day, but marriages are something even more special.  They don’t get as much of the limelight since they’re not as flashy or finite, but if you’re lucky they’ll keep going and going. 
Not every day is perfect.  I’ve been annoyed and angry at times.  However, I can honestly say that in the past 5 years, I’ve never been happier.  I love how I have this one person to share all my thoughts and dreams with.  A best friend to go on adventures with, to make my life so fulfilling and fun.  When I think about how we met by happenstance in a crowded bar, I know that there is something greater than us out there that guided us towards each other.  Who would have guessed we’d be where we are on that day so long ago when I first spotted him and thought that he was way too cool for me.  He was wearing a blazer after all. 

I don’t have many words of wisdom, but something I think about a lot is that you can’t force anyone to do anything.  They have to do it on their own accord.  Sometimes that is the hardest thing to accept.  We are separate individuals, but we’ve come together to form a wonderful partnership.  Acceptance, compromise, and an understanding love are important.  I admire Wade for his support in everything I do and his ability to read me so well.  Also, he makes dinner for me most nights.  That is worth its weight in gold.
I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us and the new adventures we have in store.


  1. That was beautifully written, Kari! Happy Anniversary! You are so perfect for each other!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! These photos are beautiful and so are your words!!! ox

  3. Beautiful post Kari. Your wedding pictures are so sweet. Happy Anniversary!!


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