Friday, May 24, 2013


In preparation of a fun road trip we're taking this weekend to visit family, I had to make sure I brought along a little fun pack. Does anyone else do this? I guess it's still ingrained in me from my childhood road trips where we got to bring one backpack full of toys and things to do during the ride. I'd pack my backpack to the brim, squeezing everything I could in. Inevitably I would only use one item from the pack, but at least I knew I had options.

Such was the case today when I filled a tote with all the craft supplies I could fit. Now, as we're almost to our destination, I have yet to actually complete anything. At least I had options, though.

Speaking of packing, I'm embarrassed of how much I bring on trips. Thank goodness we're driving, so I could load up the car. Each trip I tell myself that I'm going to be really good and only pack the bare essentials. I think about exactly what I'll wear each day, pack just that, but then come back hours later and throw in everything in my closet just in case. Then I fill another bag full of stuff for good measure. My worst fear is that I get to my destination only to realize I've forgotten my underpants. Oh, the horror! Is anyone else an over packer?


  1. Ah, Kari, me too!
    I travelled a lot as a child and each time id have some different imaginative project going on. Once it was copying all my favourite cartoon characters out of a magazine and drawing all the time, and once it was pretending to run a tourist information office with all the relevant papers and everything! my mind as a kid was overflowing with ideas, and now im grown up Im the same but I get to put all my ideas into action in the wider world :)

    1. That is so cool, Heidi! Thanks for sharing. I used to trace pictures of dinosaurs on to a sketch pad. It was so fun being a kid, but that's great you're using your imagination to create things for the world. Have a great day!

  2. I'll tell you my story over lunch sometime. It's a little embarrassing!


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