Sunday, June 16, 2013


Whenever I'm at a party, I always end up losing my glass since I can't remember which one is mine.  In years past, that's where the sharpie and the red solo cup came in to play.  If you're looking for a fancier way to name your glasses, though, that is reusable as well as fun, then these chalkboard labels are a great project to try. 

Like all my projects, this one is also super easy. 

What you'll need:
--Mason jars or any glass cup
--Chalkboard tile stickers (I found mine here)

Step 1:  The chalkboard tile sticker is really easy to use.  You can cut out any shape you want.  I started with a rectangle to see how it worked.  For my next few labels, I tried a fancier shape that I just drew free hand.  The possibility of different shapes to use are endless.

Step 2:  Then peel off the chalkboard sticker from its backing.

Step 3:  Now just stick the label to the glass, write your name on it with some chalk, and you're done!  I've hand washed these glasses several times and haven't had any trouble with the decals coming off. 


  1. Gah. We live overseas and finding miraculous chalkboard stickers isn't happenin...BUT, that doesn't mean I can't applaud your work. Simple made easy, I dig it!

  2. This is so great from an eco-friendly standpoint, too. I hate when you are at a party and there are identical plastic cups with no names and no one remembers which one is theirs so they keep getting new ones. This is cute and resourceful!

  3. such a cute/easy way to label jars! lovely :)


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