Monday, February 24, 2014


 On Saturday, it was warm.  At least it felt warm compared to the frigid temperatures we've been experiencing.  I checked the extended forecast and found out this was going to be the last nice day for a while so we better use it. 

I yelled down the stairs to put on your shoes, because we were going to take a walk today to enjoy this weather.  You said you should clean out the garage, but I forced you to take a stroll instead.   I think I saw you smile as you went to grab your sweatshirt.

We started off hand in hand with you playing Van Morrison over your phone, but when I asked two minutes later for you to hand me my cell phone that you were holding for me in your fanny pack (yes, fanny pack), you rolled your eyes and said you didn't want your picture taken. 

I told you to just take a picture of me so that we could document this beautiful walk we were going on.  You half heartedly took a picture, which I didn't think turned out well, and said that was it. 
Always the stubborn one, I tried to take pictures of myself with my arm extended as we were walking.  Those never turn out well, though.  In fact, you were the primary focus in all of them.
You got more annoyed and stopped walking.  You said I was ruining the walk by having to take a picture of it.  I said you were ruining the walk, because you weren't being supportive for 30 seconds.  We stared at each other.  I said just take one decent photo.  You did, and I put the cell phone back in your fanny pack. 
We continued walking hand in hand.

We got to the store, and I said we should return the movie before we go in.  You said you didn't want to then and we would do it on the way out.  We walked by the produce section to get some lettuce.  I said I read about people making kale chips and we should eat it since it would be good for us.  You replied that we've tried those super foods before and they weren't good so you didn't want to try this new fangled trend.  You were so adamant about it.  I watched you walk to the meat counter with your fanny pack on, and I laughed really hard.  I thought about how hilarious and endearing you are to me.  I felt my heart swell.

As we were walking home, I looked at the ice cream shop and you steered straight for it.  You said we should get an afternoon treat.  You wanted to share mine, so I got two scoops.  It was fun until you shoved the whole cone into your mouth to push the ice cream down with your tongue and then handed it proudly back to me to take a lick.  But then I looked at your fanny pack and laughed.

You make every walk, every moment more interesting.  You are maddening, endearing, hilarious, exasperating, lovely to me all at the same time.  You are mine, and I love you.  Even if you do wear a fanny pack (after I offer to bring a purse).


  1. I love this. That fanny pack is awesome.

  2. I'm laughing. Life will never be dull!

  3. :) This is real life. So awesome. And my husband wears a fanny pack on some of our adventures, too. I only tease him a little...

  4. You guys are so cute. I could picture your whole outing together - you are a good storyteller!

  5. Ode to Wade...awesome! Way to capture the day and special moments!


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