Thursday, February 13, 2014


I'm back with one last cheesy valentine (see more here and here).  You may have noticed I've been gearing my creations to the littler folks.  With three nieces and a nephew, I wanted to pass along the valentine fun to them.  Plus, they're less likely to notice flaws or if a popper doesn't have the zest I intended.  Two of my nieces live out of state, so what better way to send them a big kiss than with a stuffed heart for each...with huge lips:) 

You'll need:

This project is much simpler than the popper I attempted last week and you can customize it any way you like.

Step 1:  Cut out two hearts.  I chose to do the front in purple and the back in pink. 

Step 2:  Now get creative and cut eyes, lips, etc. out of felt and hand sew onto the front heart.  I added some eyelashes in black embroidery thread.

Step 3:  Now sew the two hearts together.  The best thing about working with felt is that you can do right sides out and don't have to worry about flipping the shape inside out.  I used a blanket stitch with contrasting embroidery thread.  There's a great tutorial here for that type of stitch.  Once you've sewn nearly around the entire heart, fill the heart with stuffing and sew up the remaining ends.  (I forgot to include stuffing in the supplies picture, but you already got the idea, right?)

You're done!  A fun little way to send love across the miles. 


  1. Awww!!!! They are so cute! Definitely a good idea for the kids!

  2. Ahh! These are adorable! And you're right - I think they definitely look a little more simple than teh poppers you did!

  3. Brilliant, no doubt your nieces and nephew will love them. They are lucky to have such a lovely auntie I think! Hope you have a good day tomorrow. CJ xx

  4. Adorable! More fun than a card and lasts longer than candy!

  5. Oh my , it's so cute. Who wouldn't like a kiss from this cutie?


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