Monday, February 17, 2014


I'm always looking for a good deal.  Why spend more than you have to on something?  I learned a valuable lesson last week, though.

I was doing some grocery shopping and needed more light mayo.  I noticed the brand we don't usually get was on sale for a whole $1 cheaper than the brand we normally use.  I compared the nutrition, ingredients, etc. and figured it looked to be pretty much the same.  I mean, how different could different brands of light mayo be?

Cut to a few days ago when I pulled out my sandwich for lunch.  I took that first bite and expected the same flavoring that I have been enjoying for the past few years (yes, I bring my lunch to work every day and it's the same thing:)  I quickly realized this sandwich was atypical and did not taste quite right.  At first I thought it was the questionable lettuce I had used, but after removing that I figured out it was the new brand of mayo.

Good thing I bought the humongous family size to enjoy for months to come.  This was one of those instances when spending that extra dollar was worth it.  Now if I would have saved $2, I wouldn't be complaining.

Ever try to switch up the brands you use/eat to save money and realize they just aren't up to snuff?


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  1. I am thankful for my job; even when I have to go to work on president's day and all my friends have the day off ;).

  2. Aw yes I will usually pay a little more for something I like too. It is so worth it!

    Erica Jacquline

  3. I have to stick to a budget, and it does mean I sometimes buy things that aren't quite good enough. But I think it's worth trying them, because quite often I do find things that are as good, or even better, for a lot less. And then I wish I'd always used them!

  4. haha!! I'm sorry about that. We've been shopping at the same stores for a while now and we've mostly figured out in which cases the store brands are just as good or better than the name brands...and the times when you want to spring for the name brand! :P

  5. I usually pay a tiny bit more if I know that something has a very particular flavor. Like I will NEVER eat anything other than JIF peanut butter. I just won't - nothing tastes as good to me, and believe me - I notice even the slightest difference in flavor.


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