Wednesday, April 17, 2013


When I first thought up the idea for this project, I thought I was so innovative.  A hanging orb made out of cupcake liners!  Surely no one else has thought of that!  Alas, when I typed in the description in Pinterest, I saw a lot of similar results as mine.  Is there anything original left to create?  Oh, well.  While there might be similar projects out there, I thought it would be fun to share this project.  It’s a cool decorative ball that you can hang or customize in whatever color you like.  It would also look cute if you used solid colored cupcake liners and dipped the tips in paint to make a two-toned effect.

--Styrofoam ball from craft store in any size
--Cupcake liners in one color or complimentary patterns
--Pack of straight pins

Step 1:  Take a cupcake liner and flip it inside out.  Then just take a straight pin and stick it through the cupcake liner and the ball.  Do this around the entire ball until you can’t see the Styrofoam anymore.  That’s pretty much it.  Easy, huh?   

Step 2:  You can just place the ball on a table or shelf for decoration or hang it.  I chose to hang mine and just used a straight pin to hold a piece of yarn that I could use to hang the orb anywhere around my house. 

I’d love to make more of these in different sizes and hang from the ceiling.  They add such a fun splash of color.  This was a quick and easy project—my favorite kind to do while watching TV on a lazy afternoon!


  1. Cute! I would have never thought to do that with cupcake liners.

  2. These are super cute Kari! Different sizes would be adorable along the wall. OH! For a photo-shoot backdrop. How cute would that be?!?! Going to have to pin this to remember it whenever I'm looking for backdrop ideas. :)

  3. Your pictures are great, Kari! How adorable is this idea?!


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