Friday, April 5, 2013

PEICD-Ribbon holder


I thought I’d take a little break from posting more pictures from last weekend (yes, there are more!) and show this SUPER easy project for storing your ribbon.   I go through a lot of ribbon, so I like to have extra spools around just in case.  I usually throw the scraps in a basket, but I was keeping all the ribbon spools in a drawer.  That became a pain since I could never find the color I needed easily.  I had seen some cool ribbon storage ideas on Pinterest that I was thinking about, but the other day as I was going through a cabinet, I found this piece of Styrofoam and an easy way to store my ribbon jumped into my head. 

Here are all the supplies you need:
--wooden dowel
--piece of Styrofoam
--tissue paper (or any other kind of wrapping you'd like to make the base prettier)

First I wrapped the Styrofoam with pretty tissue paper just to make it more colorful.  Then I just pushed a dowel I had on hand into the Styrofoam, and voila!  A ribbon holder!  The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the circumference of the dowel is not wider than the hole in the ribbon spool. 

Now that was easy, right?  Probably too easy to devote an entire post to, but oh well.  In these pictures, the dowel is too long, so later that night I just broke off the piece at the top.  No fancy sawing or cutting for me.  I like how now I can just pull off the ribbon I need without having to go digging for it.  My kind of project—helpful and easy.

Send me links or tell me about projects (easy or more difficult) that you have done in the past!  I love seeing what other genius ideas people have come up with.


  1. Great idea!I don't do much with ribbon but it's a great idea for washi tape too!


  2. Nice idea!


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