Monday, December 16, 2013


Every year I stress out about what I'm going to get my husband and Dad that is both cool and useful.  They're both really hard to buy for, so that's why I put together this little gift guide.  The items above are geared more towards my husband since my dad still refuses to get a cell phone, but I've got a link to another gift guide below from that is sure to help me find something just for him.

1.  Records are back, people!  What better way to spend a night than spinning some old vinyl.  There are a lot of record players available in cool colors, but this would be a manly version.

2.  And guess what else is back?  Bow ties!  I've made Wade one using hot glue:)  I bet he would appreciate a well constructed one, though.

3.  There are headphones in every color now.  These are perfect for those nights when he's blaring the TV, and I keep yelling at him to turn it down.  He could just put on some headphones for a win for everyone.

4.  But what about those times when I do want to hear the TV or music he's playing?  Well, a headphone splitter is perfect for those occasions when you're on an airplane but want to watch the same movie.

5.  USBs in funny characters always make me smile.  This Star Trek one doubles up on the nerdy, and I bet Wade would love it.

6.  We've been on a few flights when we want to watch a movie on our iPhones, but have to hold them the whole time.  This phone stand would be nice to use instead.  And it's shaped like a banana peel.

7.  Last, but not least--a cocktail shaker shaped like a rocket ship!  Fun and useful.

Today, I'm partnering up with to share their gift guides with you for every member of the family.  I especially loved checking out the holiday gift guide for Dads, because let's face it, I get him movie tickets every year.  It would be nice to find something special for him.

Even better than providing gift guides, though, is the fact that is giving away virtual gift baskets filled with e-gift cards for every retailer featured in the gift guides.  You could win over $500 to spend with these retailers!  There will be a winner for each of the four gift guides, so be sure to check them all out.  Find out more about the Holiday Sweepstakes here.

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**Note: This post is sponsored by, but the comments and opinions are all mine.

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  1. I think creative-looking USBs are fun! Because I'm pretty sure everyone could nearly always use another USB these days, and they might as well look interesting!

  2. such fun gifts! Love the USB and that tie :)


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