Friday, January 18, 2013

Candy Crush Saga

Has anyone else been totally taken over by the game Candy Crush?  A co-worker downloaded the game on my phone, and I can't stop playing.  Argh!  I go to sleep with visions of the different colored candies.  What makes it so alluring is that you don't have unlimited lives.  Unlike most of these types of games, Candy Crush is not all about instant gratification.  Now you could pay the $39.99 for I don't know what.  You'll probably beat the level, but what kind of satisfaction is that?  I swear they have some sort of reader that says how many times you've failed a level, because just at the point I'm about to give it up for good, I win and am drawn in to the next level.  I need to start weaning myself.

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