Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Style is a tricky word.  I don't feel like I have a lot of style, but I do feel like I've been honing in on what I want my personal style to be.  Ok.  I'm going to throw out the word hipster.  I'm not cool enough to be a true hipster, but maybe saying I'm not cool enough there in fact makes me cool enough to be a hipster?  I may never know.  Regardless, my new glasses and recent acquisition of true skinny jeans has really brought me closer to the style I've been going for but have been too chicken until now to try out.  I like the look of boots with skinny jeans, but even though I have relatively comfortable ones, they still hurt my feet and knee after a while (yes, I'm old now and have knee problems).  So I wanted to do a rolled up jean look with argyle socks and boat shoes.  I guess my look here was more nerdy librarian, but I loved it.  Let this be a lesson to myself--have more self-confidence and wear what I like. 


  1. Hey Kari. It was so sweet of you to leave me a little note on my blog. Made me smile :) I love how you are embracing this look. It's hard to change to a new style. I've been wanting glasses just like those, but I've been hesitant to make the switch. You look really cute in them. Also, the comment about your knee made me laugh out loud. It's weird how these little injuries pop up more frequently as you get older. I don't like it at all.

    1. Thanks Devon! You made my day:) You could totally rock those glasses. I felt pretty self-concious at first, but it helps when people are so nice! I don't like all the little injuries that come with getting older, either. I always think it won't happen to me until I'm hobblng around:) Have a great weekend!


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