Thursday, March 21, 2013

Knock knock....Is Spring there?

Did someone forget to wake Spring up yesterday and tell her that it's time to get the show on the road?  I guess the alarm clock never went off, because Spring is still asleep and Winter is ablazing over here.  It is snowing right now.  Seriously?  Spring, you better make up for lost time soon or else. 

But last week....oh last week was magical.  For a day, it hit a record high of 82 degrees!  So warm that I got to take my pasty white legs out and about.  And by out and about, I mean to Chipotle for our Friday night dinner date.  Geez, those suckers are bright white.  To their defense they haven't seen the sun in quite some time.  I don't know what their excuse will be in a few months, but I'll find something else to blame it on by then.
sweater, shorts, and purse: Target; shoes: Sperry

I took Friday afternoon off from work and enjoyed the sun and warmth. I hit up a trail for a quick run/walk, rode my bike, and drove around with the windows open.  It was nice.  It was just the pick me up needed to get me through this terribly cold week.  Spring is just around the corner, people! 

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  1. Getting a bit of sun is nice. I always enjoy this time of year in Arizona but give it another 3 months or so and I will be miserable. I love your outfit. The coral shorts and yellow bag look great together. I love color. :)


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