Monday, March 25, 2013

Shopping with my mom

See my awesome hat?  Made with love by my mom:)

This weekend my mom and I snuck in a quick shopping trip before the snowstorm hit.  I’m not a big shopper, but I do love going with my mom.  We started off at H&M, because nothing says hip like some cheap European clothes.  I’ve found that I either really love their stuff or can’t find anything I like.  Nothing really screamed out at me as we walked around the store.  It didn’t help that when I tried on a few things, they were waaaayyy too small.  Like the top that looked huge on the hanger hit at my belly button, and the sleeves were so tight.  Slightly discouraged, we made our way back into the cold and thought about where to go next.  I have a time limit of about 2 hours of shopping before I turn super cranky, so we had to make a decision quick.  Since I had a few coupons to Old Navy, we headed there.  Walking in there was glorious.  Everything was on sale, and I loved all the colors.  Say what you will about Old Navy, but an adorable dress (that is actually an appropriate length instead of way too short) for $25?  Yes please.  I’ll take two.  And the fact that they had a bathroom near the fitting room that was open to customers?  Old Navy, you are on a roll.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who notices (and appreciates) things like that.

We both made out like bandits.  It was a GREAT afternoon, and my mom is the BEST!  I’m always so happy after hanging out with her and am so fortunate we get to do stuff like this together.  I’ll always be her little sidekick.


  1. Super sweet post! I am almost positive that the first time I ever went to an Old Navy was with you and your mom when there was one on 95th. (You're going to do a post about your favorite Easter treat, right?! You just have to!!!)

  2. Very cute post. I love the beanie your mom made for you. I always get jealous when I see hand knitted beanies, scarves and socks. I wanted to learn so bad last fall and failed miserably. I tried crochet, knitting needles and even bought a loom and I sucked at all of them. :( Boo! lol

    I never say no to a $25 dress either. :)


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