Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thanks for...trying?

Today has been a gloriously lazy day.  Even after I woke up this morning, I still felt sluggish and not really awake.  So after a quick outing to Planet Sub, I crawled back into bed and read the day away.  I had a lot I should have been doing...taxes, cleaning the bathroom, dusting.  But I just didn't feel like doing anything.  It was raining outside, and I wanted a day just to sit and read.  Besides, there's always Sunday to get caught up on everything and be super productive.  In the midst of my laziness, I asked my husband to bring me a glass of water.  He very sweetly brought me one, and I thought, "My husband is so nice."  Whenever I get a glass from the cabinet, I always inspect it pretty well to make sure there isn't any sediment or soap leftover from the dishwasher.  This paranoia stems from having a crappy dishwasher in our first apartment that never got anything clean.  There's nothing grosser than getting to the bottom of your drink and then seeing all this "stuff" settled there. 

So I asked him not once, but twice if this glass was clean.  He assured me it was.  Cut to me drinking down half the water and gazing into the bottom of the glass and seeing milky stuff swirling in the bottom.  Horribly offended, I was forced out of the luxury of my hiding place and confronted the hubs.  Always assuming I'm crazy, he looked in the glass and saw the grossness in the bottom for himself.  I saw the realization come across his face when he remembered that he had used that glass days before when drinking a glass of milk.  So that was rancid milk sitting in the bottom of my glass, mixing with the water I had drunk.  Gross.  To his credit, he had thought that was my water glass from the day before.  Moral of the story is--don't be so lazy and get my own drinks if I don't want leftover rancid milk in my water.  Thanks for the lesson, sir:)   


  1. UGh! That is nasty! Lol.

    I had the misfortune of having that happen to me when I had a friend over. It wasn't until she was half through drinking her glass of water that she noticed nasty gunk floating near the bottom. I was SO embarrassed. It was awful.

    On another note. It rained on my end too and I struggled all day long not to spend my day the same way you did even though my body was begging me to. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so maybe I'll give in then. :)

  2. I love the vintage photos! x


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