Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Winter wonderland

sweater and shirt: Old Navy   jeans: Gap    boots: Barefoot     hat: made by my mom:)

Instead of fighting it, I embraced our latest snowfall.  This is the winter’s one last hurrah, right?  Despite the biting cold, it was beautiful watching the first snowflakes descend upon the (finally) clean ground.  We went outside before the snow got too deep and enjoyed the big flakes.  That lasted about two minutes before we ran back inside to get warm. 

This “enjoyment” lasted less than a day.  Trying to walk into work with the wind and snowflakes pelting me sideways did it for me.  I’m done with it.  Thank you for the moisture, but it’s time to go away. 

That last statement got me thinking about our love/hate relationship with necessary inconveniences.  Kansas has been in a record breaking draught for the past few years.  Apparently as bad as the dust bowl in the 1930s.  I wished for more moisture this winter and spring, since a lot of house foundations are taking a beating (ours included).  I should be more grateful that we have all this great moisture.  I want the benefit of the snow, but don’t want to deal with its inconveniences.  That’s true with a lot of things.  We might want the effects of working out, but hate going to the gym.  Dealing with short term annoyances often pays off in the end.  Boy is it hard dealing with these annoyances, though.  Well, all this snow better have a good payoff this summer.

What short term annoyances have you put up with to get to the end result you wanted?


  1. The snow seems so peaceful to me (when you're not driving in it or cleaning it up). I've really only seen snow this year through blog posts, so thanks for sharing this moment!

    p.s. I like the colors in your outfit :)

  2. I really like the butterfly on your shirt. Spring is just around the corner...maybe.

  3. Oh I miss snow! But I did hate the fact that I was soaking wet by the time I made it all the way up to campus on a bad snow day, haha. I hope spring and summer are gorgeous for you this year!!

  4. I am originally from Idaho so I know all the downsides of snow and at first couldn't wait to get away from it but now I miss it terribly. The holidays without snow just do not seem right.

    I love your photos. It makes me want to take a trip up north. Your are so cute! I love the 3rd photo, but you look pretty in all of them. :)


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