Monday, March 4, 2013

What does This mean?

When I was thinking of names for my handmade wares, I wanted something that meant a little more than Kari’s Kreations.  I wanted something that had depth and would evoke a feeling.  I wanted to put a little piece of myself out there in the world.  So I came up with “This”.  When I told people, they furrowed their brows and asked what “This” is.  I would emphatically wave my arms and look around and say, “You know, Thiiiiiiiiissssss”.  I couldn’t quite verbalize what I meant it to be.  When I said “Thiiiiissss”, I meant everything.  This is my life.  This is what makes me me.  This is experiencing that perfect moment, holding on to it, letting it go, and finding it again.  This is my own path.  This is dreaming.  This is keeping my wonderment.  This is figuring out what life means. 

Wow, quite a bit of stock put into one little word.  It’s interesting how much words can mean.  Kind words from a friend make us smile and fill us up with happiness.  Mean words make us feel empty.  Even the same words said in different tones can mean completely different things.  As I write this, when I say “This” to myself, it makes me stop, really open my eyes, look around my room, take everything in, and think, “geez, I’m lucky”.  To me, the word makes me slow down, take off my blindfold, and feel everything rush in.

This is my search.  This is my destination.  This is believing I am where I’m meant to me.  This is me.


  1. I love that you wanted to make the name meaningful. Your explanation helps me "get it". I love the last paragraph in this post. I have been feeling a little of that myself lately. "Geez, I'm lucky" definitely how I've been feeling. Good thing too as a couple weeks ago I was feeling miserable.

  2. I like that you came up with something unique and meaningful. Plus, the ambiguity of the word will cause people to reflect on what "this" means to them.


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