Monday, April 22, 2013


While purchasing a few craft supplies today, I was given a free tote bag!  I couldn’t figure out why I was getting a free bag, but I’m not one to ask too many questions about free stuff.  The cashier must have seen my ridiculously excited expression, because she replied that it’s Earth Day, so they’re giving out free tote bags to every customer (not just me) in an effort to reduce plastic bag usage. 

Earth Day!  It was one of those things where I knew it was coming, but forgot about it this morning.  Well, I’m glad we have a day to honor this great big ball of wonderful we live on.  It’s a good reminder to myself to look around more and truly appreciate this place.  The fact that I can run outside in my bare feet and feel the soft blades of grass between my toes as I inhale deeply and breathe in the first scents of spring is one of life’s greatest treasures.  I know I don’t do enough “green” stuff, but I want to do better.  I want all our future generations to be able to experience this incredible place.
Time to stop and smell the "flowers".  They're fake, but the closest thing we have to real blooms at this time.

Being in the Midwest, we don’t have any oceans or mountains around us, but we do have a lot of grass and trees…and space.  While I wish I could get to the ocean in less than 24 hours, I think that every place has something beautiful to offer.  Something that makes that part of the country unique.  As a kid, I loved nothing more than lying beneath a tree in the summer and just staring through the leaves.  It always seems that in nature you have the solitude you need to find yourself. 

There was a hidden spot I used to go to camp in college.  It took my friend and me a half a day to initially find the place, and that was only after we enlisted my brother’s help.  Brothers are way better than GPS.  It was worth the trouble, though.  I remember going here a few times and just really enjoying the quiet and the isolation.  There was a hiking path that went from the camp site to the nearby lake.  It was such a satisfying experience as I pushed myself through the woods, not knowing exactly where I was going or how long it would take to get there, and then reaching the clearing and seeing the lake.  At the time I thought of it as a metaphor for life as I was making my way through college and didn’t know what my future held.  There are times you have to push yourself through the branches, up the hills, and over the logs to make it to the clearing where everything makes sense.  I still think that’s true today, but that clearing seems to be ever elusive.

Soaked in sweat, there was nothing better than jumping in the lake and feeling the sun beat down on my face.  It made me forget about everything.  I was living in the moment and appreciating where I was.  It also made walking through that giant spider web so worth itJ

What are some of the things specific to your region that you enjoy?


  1. This post gave me so many warm fuzzy feelings! I love when we get free totes! LOVE IT! Back home in Maryland, it's mandatory for all retail stores in my father's county to enforce people to either bring their own bag or purchase a plastic or canvas one. It was rather odd going into the mall and not realizing this, but it does help with garbage. Now that we know it will be no issue. We currently shop at ALDI and one of their big things is they don't offer bags, they actually don't bag for you either. The hubby and I have started getting totes everywhere to use for grocery shopping. A free North Face one here, a free Recycle one there, one on national Record Store Day... yes please! I love this idea... even though I curse myself when I forget the bag at home. Thank goodness for cardboard boxes that can be recycled right?

    The region where I am living now (Alabama), I love the lush grass, the cotton fields, the trees and near by mountains in surrounding states, there is a gulf coast beach about 6 hours away but our biggest fun thing is the creek. We have kayaks and we float down the creek in the summer. Like you said after a hot day of sweating it's nice to take a break and just soak up the cool creek water - just be mindful of snakes they are EVERYWHERE!!!

    I can't wait to read more!

  2. I'm here in the Midwest too, and sometimes I get so frustrated being landlocked. Oregon is a dream to me, because there's ocean, mountains, rainforest, and desert all within hours of each other. *Sigh* The thing that gets me about Missouri, though, is all the caves and springs! Jumping into a freezing spring on a cold day--talk about a rush!

  3. Great post Kari. I love how you think.

    I love greenery. Trees, grass in Idaho you see a lot of that. I love it and miss it so much.

    I actually sent my Cara Box yesterday on Earth day and it was oddly exciting for me. lol I Try to be green and it was exciting to me to pass on things I've learned and found to someone else. I really hope my partner likes her happy mail.

    "There are times you have to push yourself through the branches, up the hills, and over the logs to make it to the clearing.." Loved this...great motivational quote. :)

  4. every day should be earth day ! but good on them for giving out totes :) i hate plastic bags and always take my own bags to shops. i love your first picture, it's so calming, what a beautiful view to have


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