Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The weekend before last was sunny and warmer than it has been in KC for months.  So we decided it was time to go explore some parts of the city we haven’t been to for a while.  Along with my parents, we headed past downtown to the historic river market area.  This was actually the area Kansas City was first founded, because settlers would do their trading along the Missouri river.  Nowadays there’s usually a farmer’s market in the morning, but the real reason I love going down there is to go to the most amazing antique store I’ve ever been to.  You want it, they’ve got it.  Three floors of junk…I mean hidden treasure.  

Wade actually took me here for our first wedding anniversary.  I had never been before, so was completely enthralled when we walked in by all the amazing things.  He laughed at my reaction and said that I could pick out anything I wanted.  Sky’s the limit!  Without requiring much effort on his part, this was THE BEST surprise ever!  I found exactly what I wanted within 20 minutes, but scoured the place for another hour just to make sure.  The prize I selected was a vintage typewriter from the 1930s.  It was deep green and still worked!  Whenever I look at the typewriter in my sunroom, I always smile.

Back to the present.  Big surprise, I’m sure, but the antique store was our first stop.  We didn’t buy anything, but it was fun just to look around.  We even saw some stuff that my parents have in their basement.  Think of all the money they could make!  After we looked around the store, we headed to the open space where the farmer’s market is in the mornings.  The weather was nice and there were plenty of fake flowers to look at.  I know that soon enough the area will be ablaze with real blooms to smell. 
We were craving margaritas with our dinner, so headed over to Southwest Boulevard just a few minutes away.  There are tons of Mexican restaurants down this one street, but there is one in particular that is a crowd pleaser due to its deliciously intoxicating margaritas.  Well, that place had way too long of a line.  45 minutes?  No, thank you.  I will eat your arm off before that happens.  So we ran across the street, trying to avoid getting hit by oncoming traffic, to El Patron.  There was only a 25 minute wait at this place, which seemed a bit more reasonable.  We got our drinks at the 2nd floor bar and enjoyed the cool breeze blowing in from the balcony.  The dinner was delicious, and we were even seated next to a guy that had seen us at the antique store a few hours before.  Small world!
Luckily, my dad is always our DD
The night was completely wonderful, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I love hanging out with my parents.  They make everything more fun and always graciously take pictures of me and let me take pictures of them to post to the blog.  My dad was my first (and still favorite) photographer, and my mom was my first (and still favorite) tour guide, since she started taking me to explore the city one lunch place at a time during my summer vacations.  Man, I loved trying BLTs at all the restaurants around town. 
Still holding hands:)


  1. Aw, you two and your parents are the cutest!

  2. Somehow it slipped my notice that you are near Kansas City (even though it says so on your about me page, which I read a couple of days ago). So much for my reading comprehension! I have family in Kansas City and my husband and I even talk about moving there someday for graduate school. Small world!

  3. I love the Kansas City Market! My husband and I were visiting KC once and we just spent the whole day there, it was so much fun!

  4. I adore the Gustin family! You guys are awesome! Again, super sweet post.


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