Thursday, June 20, 2013


Between panicking that I didn't have any cool crafts to post today and realizing that I had yet again worn to work a skirt that had a stain on it, the above thought ran through my head.  Well, not the awesome part.  That I threw in there, because I don't think any of us hear that enough, and I do think anyone who takes the time to read my blog is awesome.  But the "Everything you are doing is enough" piece did run through my head.  I had so many grand plans of all I wanted to accomplish tonight--work on my craft fair stuff, create a cool, never-before- thought-of craft to post on the blog, redo my "about me" tagline yet again.  Then I just thought, "Man, I'm tired."

While I'll get to everything at some point, I have to remind myself that what I'm doing right now is enough.  It's enough that I'm posting this little tidbit even though it doesn't include earth shattering revelations.  It's enough that I may just go for a walk and watch some TV tonight instead of doing anything else.  I can't do everything, but what I am doing--cracking away at things little by little--is enough.

You are all doing enough, too.  So take some time out for yourself tonight and just enjoy being the awesome people you are:)


  1. such a good reminder! i have to tell myself that it's enough constantly!

  2. Kari, you are so awesome! This was a great post. I needed it. You are truly the best, and I love your blog!

  3. Word, sister. I think I need to go nonstop being productive 24/7, but that's unrealistic and not really any fun!

  4. Thank you for these lovely words, I needed to hear them right now.

  5. Amen!! Preach on, sister! :)


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