Monday, June 10, 2013


This past weekend we celebrated a friend's birthday by throwing a Gilligan's Island theme party.  I love theme parties.  Especially those that warrant the making of a tropical island rum drink served out of actual pineapples.  It just tastes better when you drink something out of a pineapple. 

When we were considering the theme for the party, we talked about throwing a luau or tiki party.  Ultimately, though, we came up with a Gilligan's Island theme to put a different spin on things.  There's just something so romantic about being stranded on a deserted island.  As long as you're with good friends and surrounded by food and delicious drinks.  Also, Wade wanted to wear a funny hat all night, so it worked out great that he and the birthday boy could dress up as Gilligan and the Skipper. 

I took pictures throughout the night and loved how the lighting changed as the sun went down and the tiki torches came up.  It really made our backyard seem like an island.  Or maybe it was just the rum drink talking.

The birthday boy and his beautiful wife!  We could not have pulled this shindig off without them.  Seriously, we made them work way too hard.  We had the best time, though!
Here's that delicious rum drink served out of a hollowed out pineapple.  The recipe is actually the Lakeside Cooler recipe I shared a few weeks ago.  To change it to an Island Cooler recipe, just add a frilly umbrella and serve it in a pineapple.  Done and done.
I used the streamer poles I made for our Mother's Day picnic to add a little more color.
Then as the sun started to set, the lights came on...

we brought out the cupcakes...

and we lit the tiki torches!

Everything was basked in a beauitful warm glow. 
I love these awesome ladies!  You guys are THE BEST and so much fun! 

Pretty lady:)

The pictures got a little blurrier by the end of the night, but you get the idea.  Happy birthday, Corky!


  1. Looks like a great party! No pictures of you pretty lady! You were too busy playing with your new camera!

  2. I always LOVED Gilligan as a kid that show was the best. I love that you made this happen. SO FUN, SO CUTE and wish I lived SO much closer to crash this fiesta!!! Please share the rum drink recipe!!!

  3. This is brilliant! I'm a sucker for a creative theme party. Very cute!

  4. Kari, this is absolutely fabulous! You and Wade are the sweetest friends to go all out for your friend's birthday. I recognized a special necklace made my a special lady in one of the pictures...


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