Monday, June 17, 2013


Style is a funny word.  Does something have to be stylish to have style?  I’m not sure, but what I do know is that finding clothes or a specific style that speaks to you can really make you feel like yourself.  Everyone is drawn to different items of clothing that make them feel good, like they’re putting their best foot forward.  It’s not the same for everyone, but that’s what makes us all unique.  I know that when I find an outfit I really like, I seem to carry myself differently because I like what I’m wearing. 
I never put much thought into what I wore until a few years ago.  I’d wear shorts and a t-shirt when I went to school and then tight jeans and a halter top to go out in.  My style consisted of whatever was on sale at Kohl’s for $7 or less.  Even when I joined the work force I didn’t think too much about what I wore.  I wanted it to be comfortable and cheap.  While I still want my clothes to be comfortable and cheap, I’ve been thinking of a few ways to revamp my wardrobe in order to hone my personal style. 
It’s hard to step out of the box, though.  After years of figuring out what works well with my body type, I don’t want to diverge too much from my comfort zone.  Enter a recent find I had at TJ Maxx for $15—high waisted shorts. 
I’ve been drawn more to a 50s and 60s look in the past few months, and I’ve seen high waisted shorts pop up around the internet, so I thought this would be a cheap way of seeing if I like the look.  Let me tell you, I felt so self-conscious when I wore them this weekend.  They are super comfortable, but they have spandex in them so look a lot tighter than they feel.  I felt like I looked ridiculous.  I even brought some other shorts to change into, because it was really difficult for me to try something out of the ordinary.  Maybe it’s just getting used to seeing myself in something different from what I normally wear.  I want to have the confidence to take more chances in my wardrobe, though.  To not be afraid to try a different look out.  This doesn’t mean that my shorts and t-shirt combo is going away, just that I’ll have more options sprinkled in. 
The most important thing to me is having fun expressing myself with what I wear.  I did crave other people's acknowledgement that the shorts looked ok, though, but I think that's normal.  How often do we leave the house not sure if something looks ok, but then your friend says she really likes your outfit and you feel on top of the world?  I think everyone is insecure at times about what they're wearing and could use a little boost.  So go tell your co-worker or the lady down the street that she looks great today.  And even though I can't see look great today!
Shorts: TJ Maxx.  Shoes/Tank Tops: Old Navy.  Octopus Necklace: Charming Charlie.  Friendship Bracelets: Made by my sister.  Yellow Bracelet: Express (5+ years ago)


  1. You look great! I'm so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone! (Shar just looked at the laptop and said, "It's Kari.") :)

  2. I had a rare good hair day today, although it was wasted as I was just at the allotment. You look wonderful, you really do.

  3. It's very interesting that what you wear can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. Certain outfits, colors, and accessories can make you feel great while others make you feel ugly. I feel like I'm still trying to figure out those things that make me feel great so I can stop wasting money on things I never end up wearing! I need help finding my style! I don't think I have one right now - it's just random. PS - love the shorts! Very cute on you.

  4. I think you look super cute. Those shorts look great on you. It is very tough stepping out of your comfort zone so I applaud you for taking the leap. You have to start somewhere. :)


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