Thursday, June 6, 2013


On Memorial Day, we took a special trip to Taylors Falls, which is about an hour away from Minneapolis, to see my great grandparents’ farm house.  It was amazing to see the place my mom would go to visit her grandparents in the summertime as a little girl and walk the same stone steps that she used to walk.

On our way to the house, though, we had to stop and check out the giant mouse and cheese wheel on the side of the road.  Stellar advertising.  It made me want some cheese!

My cousin being his hilarious self:

It was wonderful to hear all the stories my aunt and mom told about the little town and where they used to play.  It was like a step back and time, and I loved seeing the place through my mom's eyes.
My mom and aunt--two peas in a pod:)

The house was right next to the little church my great grandparents went to.  
Then we went into town and enjoyed a nice long lunch. 
Nothing like picking out some candy after lunch:
The town was so cute.  There is a section of houses near downtown that are all white with green shingles.  I don't know how they got everyone on board to paint their houses the same color, but it was beautiful.  There was one house, though, that had blue shingles.  That has to be where the town dare devil lives.  Breaking all the rules.

Our next stop was the national park known for its sink holes along the St. Croix river.  More pictures to come...

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  1. I love how you saw it through your mom's eyes when it's usually the opposite. Great perspective and good to remember. :) My mom loves fire balls (hot red candy), and she used to get them on our road trips back to NC because it took her back to her childhood.


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