Tuesday, October 7, 2014


 Wade and I were walking into Target the other day and he said something that made me laugh and then think, "yeah, that's so true."

Out of the blue, he said,

"You know, you only need a few things to make you happy.  Food, lots of sleep, and wonderment."

After 6 years of marriage, he's finally figured it out.  These are the top three things to keep me even keeled and delightful to be around.

Food and sleep are fairly straightforward, but he's realized that I also need a sense of adventure, to pursue my passions and whims, and to be amazed by the world around me.

Not too much to ask for, eh?

That word, wonderment, has been constantly floating around my head the past few weeks.  It's not something tangible.  It's a feeling, a wave of inspiration, a sense of contentment.

And it often finds me in different situations.  Sometimes it's when we spontaneously hit up an antique store on the way home from Planet Sub.  Other times it's when we simply take a walk around the neighborhood, but take a route we don't normally go.

It's so easy to get lost in the drudgery of the everyday woes.  Bills have to be paid, dinner has to be made, the nuts and bolts of what keep us going have to be done.

But above all these 'have tos' are the 'why nots'.  Why not take the long way home or stop by that pink door you always see?

Every day needs a little whimsy.

It's what makes you feel more alive and lead the life you've imagined.

What do you do to add a dose of wonderment to your day?


  1. I love that your husband said this, you are so good at keeping it fresh and making each day seem like an adventure.

  2. Aaaah... this and your little bit of whimsy post have really got me thinking! Time, I think is what you need to add wonder to your day, just a minute or even an hour, just time to stop and see, to notice, to explore! Oh I think this is a wonderment moment for me... I feel excited... thank you! x

  3. I just love this! And I love that he knew that about you!

  4. He gets you, mannnn. That's deep.
    But for real- how amazing to have a partner who really understands you? I love this! :)

    And re: my own wonderment, I could use a bit more these days, methinks.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. Food and sleep. Definitely all I need in life. My husband calls me a "hangry monster" when I'm enraged due to hunger. I turn into an alternate personality, like on that Snickers commercial.

    <3 dani

  6. Your absolutely right! You guys are just too precious. I think I'm going to start taking a different route when I run/walk :)

    26 and Not Counting

  7. You're right, we need a little wonderment every day. I like to wander and look at things and think. It doesn't take much. Wonder is all around, just waiting to be noticed. CJ xx

  8. Awww 6 years? So awesome. Wade totally nailed it - I love the idea of making sure you make time for adventuring and wonderment everyday! It's those little things in life :)

  9. I totally agree and I love the word. I think a little wonderment helps keeps us young (also, there are lots of good 'w' words in your life... Wade, whimsy, wonderment :).


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