Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Dress // Shirt // Collar // Necklace // Socks // Shoes // Hair // Mendl's Box

It's no secret that I loved the latest Wes Anderson movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel.  It was a veritable feast for the eyes centered around a story full of duty, longing for time gone by, and love.  It was epic.  

We watched it again the other weekend and summed it up the same way I had a few months ago: utterly delightful.

Following in the footsteps of my favorite Halloween costume when we went as Sam and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom (see it here) a few years ago, we're going this year as Agatha and Zero, the love struck duo in the film.

Read on below for more info about each part of the outfit and my DIY fill-ins if you want to try your hand at making some of these items yourself.

Dress:  I scoured the internet looking for a dress similar to Agatha's.  That peter pan collar and color really limited my options.  As a last ditch effort, I went to the Kohl's website and found this dress.  It is near perfect!  The color is pretty close (khaki).  Plus, it already has an outline for the peter pan color AND has tufted sleeves AND is pleated!  To customize it a bit more, I weaved light peach ribbon through the holes already around the collar and sleeves of the dress to add the colored binding, similar to the photo above.  I think it turned out really well, and I can easily pull out the ribbon if I want to wear this dress again in the future.

Necklace:  In the movie, Agatha receives a Society of the Crossed Keys necklace from M. Gustave.  You can buy one on Etsy or you could make your own.  Since I didn't have enough time to order one, I made my own out of a wooden circle, some paint, a sharpie, and blue ribbon.

Mendl's Box:  Agatha works at Mendl's, a sweet bakery, so this box is a big tip off for anyone wondering who you might be dressed as.  Again, there are a few Etsy sellers online where you can purchase the box, but they weren't big enough for my taste.  Instead, I found this website where they offered a free printable.  I printed the pdf off on pink cardstock and taped my own box together.

Wheat Stalk and Flour:  Since Agatha works in a bakery, put a little flour on your face and a wheat stalk in your milkmaid braids.  It's those little extra details that make the outfit.

Birthmark:  On her face, Agatha has a birthmark in the shape of Mexico.  I used brown eyeliner to create the look, and just free handed the shape.

Shoes, Socks, and Shirt:  To round out the outfit, wear khaki colored knee high socks and brown oxfords.  Then put a peach colored long sleeve top underneath your dress.  Double points if the shirt matches the peach ribbon you used to to trace the collar and sleeves.

We went to a Halloween party this past weekend, so I'll be back tomorrow to show you the finished product and let you know how it went!

What's your favorite Halloween costume you've worn?


  1. Wonderful, you do know how to do Hallowe'en to perfection, you'll no doubt look fantastic. I'm sorry to say I don't think I've ever worn a Hallowe'en costume. Over here people are mostly witches, vampires or ghouls though. I shall look forward to seeing your photos. CJ xx

  2. I love how detail oriented you and Wade are with your costumes! I can't wait to hear about the rest! I don't dress up any more now that I don't have a classroom party to attend. :)


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